7:28 PM How's your running routine doing? Are you new to running? Are you a well trained marathon babe? Not into running at all? Sorry. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about running... especially my current mood - I will surely go into detail in my next #dearrunning post! 

I was always so happy to go running, because I had a goal in front of my eyes. I started running, because I wanted to become more healthy. Running is a sport to me that I can practice anywhere in the world and it's so easy to pick it up. I can be outside and connect with people if I want to... still, I'm the boss. 

And then, just like that, I was running my first race with my sister in Berlin. Nike's 10k city run (read about it here). I was hungry for more. 
The next year, we travelled to Paris to satisfy our hungry running beast inside. What a race!! (read about it here). 
The following year, I travelled to Paris by myself to run another run... (read about it here). My first solo race, but so far my favorite. For my third race, I was working out all summer...I had a strict plan and I was so focused and full of motivation. 

Working out towards a goal just made so much sense to me. I felt the adrenaline and my excitement in every inch - that's why I run. 

Et voilà, let's skip to 2018. I was ready for another race. Since I wasn't in NYC when the cool races happened, I already celebrated another Paris trip in my head to run my third Paris city run. 
This summer season, my inbox delivered me bad news. The run in Paris is cancelled. No race for me this year. 

I wasn't training like the year before anyways...but I knew that as soon as I knew the date, I would go hard and train in my best manner. 
But no, no date, no nothing. My first year without a race. 
Races were the highlight of each year...they are milestones and such a good experience when you run the same routes every day, every week, every month. 
I felt like crying. 

I felt lost for the first time. 
Why do I run? What for?
I took a break for almost 4 weeks... super childish, but I just didn't want to put on my running shoes. 

Then, I kicked my ass. Katrin, it's time to be grown-up, haha. 
You don't work so hard for races only. You do this for yourself.... an inspiration that changed so much in my life. My approach to life and well-being and I want to feel well. 

So what to do when not racing?
Create your own race. Create a routine and just don't stop moving! 

Be creative and set up a running challenge. If you are into crazy treats, make yourself feel like a winner afterwards with a dessert you love or a tiny gift. Here's one of my older running challenges...that's something for everyone! 
You can also do a little season appreciation long as the trees are still breathing and changing their colors slowly from green to all the rainbow colors out there, explore the streets - play tourist in your own city and just run and look around. Something really refreshing! By doing this, choose new routes... diversity, not only when it comes to Mother Nature. 
Most importantly is to keep going. Try to balance your workout routine. Don't take a break now... run 1-2 times a week to keep your performance level high! If this is hard for you without any motivation or even treating yourself is not teasing you, grab a friend and work on this together. 

The next race will be coming soon - until then, work on your performance. Train your core, strength training is so important! Move your legs and get ready to sprint your heart out very very very soon!

We are in this together!
Feel high fived! 
Connect with me if you need help, or you got further questions!