3:00 PM Today is a very special day. I am happy, I am excited, I am nervous. But yeah, mostly just happy. Happy to share some new creative work with you which comes from the bottom of my heart! 

You know I am functioning best when I'm with my camera. I love creating and I love capturing special moments and special people. I never thought that one tiny situation from one of my earlier shoots inspire me to create this whole new series that I produce for OFF COLOR. 

During one of my shoots, I was taking pictures on a court of a school, when a bunch of kids came running to us, because they wanted to know what we were doing. They were beyond excited and jumped in front of my camera with their coolest poses. All the girls showed me the best smiles and put their hands in their hips, placing one foot to the front. Pictures like the one beneath happened. 
The kids stood in circles, giggled and showed me their cool shoes. 

Years after, I realized that this is the best way to connect with the youth and let them tell their story. I wanted to create a special series for a longer time... now I was so happy to finally have found the spark that brings my project to life. 
So as the first volumne, I wanted to create a story that shows my roots and my dearest passion. I am from Mannheim, a beautiful and raw city in South-Western Germany. My city is multicultural and mixed with so many great personalities and tiny rockstars - and to be honest, some of them dress better than I do. 
I loved hitting the streets, taking loooong walks in my city and meeting kids from any background. Yes, I mostly feature foreign kids in my story here, but that's what my city makes my city - many cultures and a melting pot of religion and diversity. 

I am so happy about the kids I met and I am even more proud that so many of them felt brave to stand in front of my camera and let me enter their world. 
Kids are blunt... super honest and real. That's what I enjoyed the most. 

I am talking more about that inside the photo series, so make sure to read my words in there. 
I don't like to talk too much right now, I just want to share my work with you and let y'all see and get to know my roots. My city. My home. Our next generation. 

Feel it. 
I hope we can connect closer with all our stories!
Never stop learning and growing! 

Thanks for taking your time to read and see this. 
I appreciate you.