5:56 PM Tell me about your Thanksgiving feast. Had a good dinner with great conversations and tons of laughter? I bet you all had a good time. 
I also guess that many of you wake up today to a lot of leftovers - what a blessing! 

Please please please - don't throw your food away. Use it as much as you can! Cook a broth, make salads, sandwiches, or casseroles - there's a lot you can create!

Who got some turkey leftover? Yes, I know.
Everyone is excited for that aftermath sandwich and I got the perfect spread for y'all: matcha mayo! 
Didn't think that would tase?
Come on... 

Matcha and cranberry sauce, excuse me for a minute....



YOU NEED 160g of the mayonnaise in your fridge (I used Miracle Whip) + 1-2 teaspoons matcha powder (use more if you like a crazy matcha flavor)

1. mix the mayonnaise with the matcha powder - this treat is done in a second and it is a blessing for anything.
2. put it on your sandwich, eat some cold turkey with it, cornbread, crackers - anything is good with this sexiness.
3. what? are we really done already? 

You know me.
I always got the easiest recipes with a lot of wow and mhmmm character. Why make it so complicated? The holidays are still here, so let's chill and enjoy this ~ 

I hope your Thanksgiving was a blast!