4:15 PM Ohoh, at Starbucks we are able to get the Christmas drinks already? Oh lord. Cold days scream for tea, coffee, and all kinds of hot chocolate. The best reason to escape the cold, if you ask me....
Yes, we might drink a little bit more coffee or hot cocoas, this is good for us, but depending on how you drink it, it can be really harmful, too. I know Instagram will be full of images with people celebrating fancy holiday cups and whatever cool beverages they get at ANY coffee house worldwide. I get that. I share my shit, too. 

But I want to raise awareness that during this season, the consume of single-use plastic is immense. 

So many cups. So many lids. So many straws. The whole product lasts not longer than an hour, but the damage we leave behind is actually longer on this planet than we are. We should be ashamed...because we can do better.

I am not saying boycott the coffee houses. 
I say think smart. You can enjoy your hot beverages in a more clever way with even more benefits. 

This season...please brew your treats at home. 

It doesn't need to be fancy... you don't need a crazy barista equipment to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. My equipment costs less than 100$ and I can enjoy anything: tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or whatever I am creating. 

Get yourself a good coffee machine - chimnex. any old school coffee maker, or a simple espresso machine, if you are in love with coffee shots. I am using this cool thing from Ikea, but I also own a Nespresso machine (which is more or less decoration now...). A nice tea pot is always nice to have, too. Especially when working at offices...set up a pot with plenty of tea and keep it nicely hot. I love the different sizes of teapots that you can get at Paper & Tea - I love this here. And then, I also own can get yours anywhere...I use a simple steel version from Starbucks. I've owned this for years and it's still working wonderfully. This is my simple coffee and tea party, but it's enough. The most important buddy is my tumbler, because with this friend, I am not using one single piece of plastic. #fortheoceans 

Now we are all busy and we need to rush and run to work.... I know. But what benefits do we have bringing our own brew along? 

  • You definitely know what's in your drink, because you create it.
  • You can use your preference of milk without investing extra money in extra soy, extra coconut or whatever milk
  • You can enjoy healthier coffee or hot cocoa with less sugar
  • You can mix in your favorite adaptogens or superfoods - be creative and give your body the fuel it needs
  • You save so much money!!
  • Again - you save the oceans ~~
  • You save time waiting in line. 
  • You won't get disappointed (I often get punished at Starbucks having a barista making me an ultra spicy chai tea latte which is then unenjoyable...bye bye money) 
  • You can order your drink extra hot, but in a plastic cup it won't stay warm for long... in a tumbler, it does!

See my point?
If you really suck so much at making coffee or hot chocolate, then go to your coffee house - but keep your tumbler close, because ordering coffee or any beverage at Starbucks, for example, with your own tumbler will make you save 30-50 cents. This might be the extra addition of milk - wooop wooop. Think about it. 

Just make sure to keep the oceans in mind. 
Not for me.
For you!
And your family. 

*don't forget to bring your silicone or metal straw along, too! 
Stop sucking with plastic straws!!! Get yours here.