7:53 PM Today I finally want to sit down to discuss our latest book club! Since Thanksgiving is over and everyone spends some quality time with the special ones in their lives, I think it's pretty sweet to provide you with some special knowledge about an intriguing wellness topic which can inspire you and your whole family - just sit back and relax to my words. 

Our last book club selection was Candice Kumai's "Kintsugi Wellness". The title says "The Japanese art of nourishing mind, body, and spirit" - totally my thing, I was hooked

Some readers may know it, others don't. I am deeply in love with anything Japanese, their sense of aesthetics, their food, their culture. I saw many documentaries which showed Japanese citizens as one of the oldest and most healthy people on this planet. Super intriguing, don't you think? I always wanted to know why Japanese people are so zen and healthy. Candice's book hit me at the right moment! I needed to study it with y'all!

I love anything wellness and I love when I can sit down, study, and learn things which I can add to my daily routines to be more healthy.
This book is really a good start if you want to connect to more well-being. 

First of all we are getting to know Japanese philosophies and values which matter in kintsugi wellness. A little self-love lesson, celebrating imperfection, it's okay to feel, nourish your body, take care of you and your inner circle - and so much more. 
I love that Candice shares so many personal things right in the beginning - it's really personal, but also good to understand all the special terms and characterizations. Family, traditions, routines, personal growth, being vulnerable, being kind, being honest, and the practice of "some things can't be helped". 
Throughout the book we get to know her special people who brought her closer to her roots and we get to know the sweetest personalities who tell us how to do kintsugi wellness right. 

Before my highlight of the book begins, Candice is also treating us with a wonderful Japan guide. If you are planning to go to Japan very soon, those pages will definitely help you to enjoy the best time on this zen island. 

My favorite part of the book is the nourishing chapter where we learn a lot about Japanese food, their "diet", and easy recipes that we can follow along. Oh yes, I love Japanese food and don't worry, this is not about sushi. 
I actually know a bit about Japanese food, but I was surprised about the different flavors or special ingredients Candice likes to mix. One thing that intrigued and confused me at the same time in the very beginning was the mixture of avocado toast with miso. After I tried it, I didn't want to enjoy avocado toast without miso! This is beyond delicious. 

From traditional Japanese breakfast, to matcha chocolate chip pancakes, homemade dashi, or miso kale caesar salad - everyone will find something here. Exploring the world of the fifth flavor - umami, is something that I really enjoyed here. I want to try ALL of the recipes in this book, I swear this is really inspiring! 

Finishing this book, I felt happy and satisfied. Maybe I was zen, maybe I was full of knowledge that just made me smile for a little bit. 
I am happy to know this book is living in my shelf, because it brought me so much closer to Japanese culture and especially wellness. 
Gladly, this isn't a beauty book, and I am surprised about how big the focus on human beings and their actions is - the true sense of wellness, I guess, well-being. 

I know how humble Japanese people are, but now I really get a sense of what their beliefs and motivations are! I feel like there's a lot of potential in the air and we can learn a lot from these wise people! Some rules or everyday routines, are so simple, it's funny that we do not live by them. 

Maybe this book inspires you to listen deeper to your inner self and connect better with the things which are essential. 

Start cooking the recipes to start a strong relationship with your body. Practice self-love and learn how to be a good version of yourself who never gets tired of learning and growing! 

We do not need to make life so complicated - there's so much worse out there. 
Candice, "Kintsugi Wellness" is a true masterpiece and I am so happy that you wrote this beautiful book for us! 

I am forever in love with Japanese culture and now wellness!
How did you like the book?  
Anything which made you excited? What's your favorite lesseon from this book? 

If you were unsure about this book and now you want to read it too, get your copy here
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