6:08 PM It feels like a lifetime. I did so many challenges in the past and then I stopped creating new ones - a lot of work came, I was focusing on some projects, et voilà, December is around the corner and to end the year right, I wanted to create one more challenge for all of us.

That's right.
This is not a crazy "I sweat my ass of challenge" and this is also no "I will lose 20 pounds to perfectly start 2019" challenge. Sorry. 
This new challenge is called "Cozy Winter" and yes, we are all allowed to chill here and then. 

You might experience the same scenario. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, Christmas songs are playing everywhere and bright lights make our cold and dark evenings so much sweeter. Christmas is only 4 weeks away from us. Then, you wake up and realize Christmas is over... only a few days and the new year starts. This season went way too fast...
That's how I feel every year. I want to listen to "Last Christmas" just one more time, pretty please... 
Do you feel me? 

To enjoy this season to the fullest with no regrets and no missing moments, I created a sweet challenge for all of us to have the best Christmas season with lots of fun, a little sweat motivation to keep on eating all the goods, and especially being in the moment. 

Are you ready for this last challenge of 2018?
Let's do this.

The plan is pretty simple - it's just perfect to enjoy the season and stay a little healthy, too; this includes wellness to be fully healthy and strong ~. [On Dec 4th, donate some money to a nice charity you want to support. You can also help your local community. Read about #ocaiko here. 100s means that each day when 100s are asked, choose one active movement which you will repeat a 100 times (e.g., squats, sit-ups, lunges, rope skipping, jumping jacks,...)]

If you happen to join me here, please use the hashtag #cozywinter and share all your experiences or special moments with me and the community. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me! 
At the end of the challenge I won't do a sum up (which I actually do...) - I am reporting via Instagram and Twitter how I feel and how much I enjoy it...this should be enough!

Please enjoy your December!
Love hard.
Feel harder.
Move your body.
Let your mind float. 
Just keep going no matter what ~