7:04 PM Halloween is coming closer and some of you might be planning to go to a Halloween party — you might also throw your own.

I know the pressure is high when it comes to choosing a costume, but the truth is: it can be so easy. 

You don't have to worry about money or how dope your outfit is... Care about comfort and how easy it can be to create an outfit out of nothing or less! 
This is the third edition of work it and I want you to work it.

Choose a low-key costume and stunt. 

In the past year I showed you how to be your best Kanye or Queen Riri. This year I felt heavily inspired by Bella Hadid
Why don't we dress and feel like a supermodel for a day? Halloween is the best excuse! 
Bella symbolizes so much in one: being feminine, body-conscious, exotic, seductive, full of sin, but everything in such an intriguing way. I feel inspired and I love her outfits.

This Halloween, I feel like being Bella Hadid isn't only effortless, it's also beyond sexy! You will be the highlight of any party! 
Wear some fancy glasses, tie your hair to a bun or ponytail, apply seductive makeup and mix some elegant pieces with a hint of street — bella loves sneakers! 
My dream costume.

Need a costume for your bf? Tell him to be your personal The Weeknd, haha. 
This costume invites you to be very creative and the good thing is that you already own a few pieces of your costume at home! 

I'm curious. What's your costume for this year's Halloween? 
I can't wait to hear your stories!