2:02 PM The last couple months I am heavily rethinking food, its consumption, and food waste. 
It happens that I have to throw away a banana when I bought too many and they ripen way too fast. Or I forget about food which is in the farest corner of my fridge. 
I hate throwing food away and I actually promised myself to be more mindful with it in the future.

One big progress I made is to only go grocery shopping when all my stuff is really really really empty or gone. One can create beautiful things out of everything. 

Some days ago, when I was lucky to get my hands on a net of avocados for super cheap, I couldn't resist.
My shopping list said 1 avocado, not 5. I already panicked and worried about not using them or spending cash on things I would throw away sometime later. 
I still took them with me.

On my way home, riding my bike and passing the golden and brown colored leaves on the streets, I thought about my purchase.
No need to worry. Budget shopping is a blessing – I think everyone does that. The trick is in knowing what to do. Yes, one shouldn't shop as spontaneous as I did, but one should also know about possibilities and creations one can make out of certain products. This means no or less food waste — that's what I want! 

So you might wonder... what do I create out of my shopped avocados? I know there are some fruits and veggies which seem to be boring or always ask for the same things all over.


Acocado is versatile. Here are my favorites. 
• the OG, avocado bread. If you are joining my OC book club lately, you might know a sexy version of avocado bread: miso avocado bread. (Read "Kintsugi Wellness" for the recipe)
• avocado chocolate pudding 
• my dearest workout fuel: avocado chocolate oat cookies 
• dark chocolate avocado frosting
• avocado fries
• duh, guac
• avocado and peas soup — try it cold!
• any green smoothie that needs some extra creaminess
• pasta with avocado sauce uhhh and bacon!! 
• ever tried guac hummus? or just simple and plain avocado hummus? 
• ever heard of avochino? this might be something for the bulletproof coffee fans

You got even more ideas? 
Share them. 
If you still feel lost no worries, you can easily freeze avocado when you can't take the pressure deciding what to make out of these precious babies.
Just cut the avocado in halves and remove the seed. Put the avocado in a freezer friendly box and freeze it. Whenever you feel ready to use it, get it out the freezer and let it thaw for an hour - the avocado party can start!

I hope posts like this give you a little inspiration to try vegetables and fruits which normally bore you or don't give you enough ideas to create! 
Let's celebrate the avocado today ~