5:13 PM A little secret from me to you: I love Chinatown! One of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC! Since I am working with many Asians, whom I love beyond, I developed a sense for anything Chinese... I feel home when I hear Mandarin or when I eat Asian snacks - a feeling that makes me calm and happy. 

When I'm in NYC and I feel a bit stressed or I want to relax, I head to Chinatown to hear people speak Mandarin and I will definitely get myself some dumplings from the sweetest Chinese lady. Sounds good, right? 

Since I am spending more and more time in Chinatown, I also want to discover the culinary side there. I know...there's plenty of Chinese fast food around, but what else got Chinatown to offer? 

On a super rainy day, actually my last day in the city during my last trip, I craved a fancy breakfast, but I felt beyond lazy to go outside and hunt the best café around. I lived on the Bowery...so I was really close to Chinatown! The rain was like a flood, it was crazy, I never experienced something like this. I was starving...I needed to hit the streets somehow. 

I decided to google and check what's the best and cheapest bakery around (I was also low on budget, haha). Google told me that Taipan Bakery is the place to go to. 
Aha, a Chinese bakery. I see. 
Well, it didn't really make me excited, but my tummy was already singing and dancing... I needed food ASAP! 

I grabbed my running jacket and ran to Taipan Bakery, which was 4 minutes away from my home. Success! [check my Instagram Story...you might have seen it]

Well, yeah... "success" - I got to Taipan Bakery soaked like a French Toast. But, I got the best surprise ever. 

This place was actually the bakery of my dreams! Wow! 

I looked around. I was on cloud 9! It smelled like fresh and sweet bread - buns with whatever filling and I was surprised how crowded this place was! This must be the best address to get Chinese bakery goods... 
Baos everywhere. I needed to get myself together! I have never seen such pretty pastry! 

All the milkbreads or yeasty breads looked so perfect in their eggwash... I wanted to eat it all! 

A Chinese lady handed me an orange tray and said something in Mandarin to me. Sweet, but I don't really speak Mandarin... I decided to order super spontaneously and go with my crush that I already know: a milkbread and a taro bun! 


I was so excited to take my stuff and rush back through the rain! 
I paid under 5$ and the smell in my bag was beyond intriguing! 

My last NYC breakfast looked like picture at the beginning! I was starving and ready to eat those babies! 
I love that Taipan Bakery actually sells huuuge sizes, so you don't have to buy 5 buns to be full and satisfied. Their range goes from traditional things that we know, but also Asian classics like mooncakes, custard or bean buns, the weirdest creams, but everything being as perfect as it can be. 

My favorite? The taro bun! 
I don't know what it is... but taro is my latest crush! A sweet and milky flavored cream that shines in an ultra light violet color. There's a lot of filling inside the bun! It was just perfect! 

I can't really describe what amazing breakfast I had, but I can tell you that I surely go back to explore more buns and little pies in the future!

If your pocket says you are running out of money, make sure to hit Taipan Bakery! They have so much delicious stuff that anyone can afford! 

Let's celebrate Asian baking skills! 

Taipan Bakery, 194 Canal Street ($)