10:14 AM Yes, a very important question already in the title. I am excited writing this little piece today. Reminiszing of my donut experience from 6 months ago... the day I ate the best donut I ever had in my life (and I am a hardcore dunkin cinnamon donut fan...or glazed blueberry - I'm always in heaven when I eat one of these). 

There I was. On my way to have the best donut in NYC? I'm a sceptic, I am also picky when it comes to my donuts. 
The reason why I actually went to see Doughnut Plant by myself is their huuuuge donut ripple. Kind of like a donut roll...Insane, but it exists. 

I walked along my neighborhood from Bowery over to LES. The neighborhood is super neat. Graffiti,  some older buildings, a little hip in between, but in total super down to earth. I forgot to research earlier how the building looks like so I won't miss it. It felt like I walked for hours. 
Then, when I got beyond hungry, I looked up. Huh? "Doughnut Plant" haha, I was right about to turn around and go back, but there it was. Very simple and not really an eyecatcher... but I saw many people inside and tons of glossy donuts in front of me. 

I came in and tried to study their menu. You can either way go with yeast donuts or cake donuts — the difference is that cake donuts are a bit tinier and more dense, whereas yeast donuts are big and fluffy (the usual kind of donut).

I was surprised seeing so many sexy donuts. 

Unfortunately, the girl at the register wasn't really patient with me saying I need 2 more minutes, so I spontaneously went with the coconut and pistachio yeast donut. Two monsters. 

I was so hungry that I decided to leave the spot right away. No more pictures, no more interior studying, I just left. Today I feel angry I have nothing to show you except my delicious breakfast. 

I bet you see how moist and fluffy my donut friends were
Both surprised me and I couldn't believe how delicious they were. 

This was the best donut experience of my life. Period. 
The glaze. The dough. Real flavors... that's all I can say.

If I could choose, I would go with the pistachio forever. The coconut donut was FULL with coconut cream, so the coco flavor drove me a bit loco. But it's still good. I can't believe the donut was as big as my face. 
What a great way to start the day!! 

At home, when I told my friends about it, I couldn't tell them why this place is so special. Their donuts are just bomb. "Yeah, but donut is donut."
True and not true. I researched and read about Doughnut Plant's story.
THAT'S the reason they feel so special to me. 
Recipes from grandpa, a team that is breathing donut vibes. Every little thing is made in their four walls with natural products and no eggs!!! Wooow. 
Even the interior got the deep and connecting stories. The donut tiles on the wall are made from daddy who owns a pottery.

Doughnut Plant means family. 
Family means love and compassion and this is what donuts are to me. 

What a heart warming place.
Doughnut Plant, you are my #1, and I still have so many flavors to discover.
If you are in town — hike to Doughnut Plant and try the OG flavors, or try the prettiest donut roses, or special seasonal creations. You won't regret it. 

Doughnut Plant, 379 Grand Street ($)