10:38 AM As soon as October starts, I am already getting excited about all the yummy candies getting a Halloween makeover. PSLs are already driving me nuts and I can't really focus, but the candy is my highlight during this season. The m&ms special editions, for example, are my favorite. As I am writing this, I am snacking on the m&ms "Candy Corn" special edition - super sweet, but I'll take it...

Europeans don't go crazy over Halloween. I celebrated it a couple of times, but that's something you might rather do as a kid than a teenager. Very sad...
I follow my friends and people in NYC and I get jealous seeing them induldging in Halloween candies and enjoying the spookiest decorations across the city. Halloween in New York is a dream! 

If I'd be in the city right now, I definitely know where I would go to get the best candy: Dylan's Candy Bar - right at Union Square. One of my favorite places in the city. 

Whenever I go to the farmer's market at Union Square, I spy over the street and observe Dylan's Candy Bar - shall I go or not? 
I mostly go with the excuse of buying the nicest candy souvenirs for my family. During one of my last trips I brought these cookies home with me - you might remember them from an earlier post. (They were super delicious....I ate most of them, haha). 

I love that one can just jump in, to get some tiny gifts or souvenirs, or you can go and get some decoration and fancy products for a special event, oooor you prepare yourself for the holidays in the best way possible. Dylan's Candy Bar is always offering special candies for the different seasons, but you can also get alltime favorites just like gummies, chocolate covered pretzels, sour candy, or chocolate bars. Hell, I don't know how much candy they stock under the roof, but this place might be as fancy as Willy Wonka's world. 

When you go there for the first time, stay calm. You might feel your heart beating really fast and you will feel a bit dizzy smelling all this good candy and chocolate. 

I'm just kidding. This is the best place to take a break from a stupid diet or just escape from a stressful day. At Dylan's Candy Bar you have no choice, but being happy. 

That's how I felt. 

Right now, the place is offering really cool Halloween specials and soon, I guess, you will be also able to enjoy the first Christmas candy of the year. 
Just like I said: 'tis the season. It's time to treat yourself and just feel good for a little bit. Candy is not the enemy - take it as sweet trip, back to childhood - who doesn't like being a child? Giggling, laughing, and staying in pjs while watching cartoons. I am down. 

Dylan's, I will be back soon, please leave some candy for me! 

Dylan's Candy Bar, 33 Union Square W ($-$$)

Two images are from DCB's Instagram, take a look, too!