12:09 PM In praise of World Mental Health Day, I want to talk about a fruit which might help to keep the brain healthy. 
I am really intrigued to try new stuff and I am so happy that my Asian friends always force me to try the things which are beyond normal to consume in China. 

First things first... I hate dates. I can't stand them and I hate everyone out there who's creating healthier recipes with the help of dates. I am rolling my eyes constantly, because everyone is so creative to switch sugar with dates - I get that, but date enemies really need something else. 

Funny that I'm totally into Chinese date. 
I didn't have to look around much friend brought me a bag of Chinese dates, also called jujube, to try them, because of their health benefits! "They are absolutely not like the dates we use in Europe," she explained to me. 

I was scared to try these first - I am not really in love with their smell or texture. They are super dry and seem to be releasing a lot of dust and air when you squeeze it hard. But once you take a bite... you are completely confused, because it's really good - and yes, there's really flesh inside, haha. 

I felt like the fruit itself comes with an aromatic spice blend that keeps me eating a whole piece in a few seconds. I am extremely happy that this isn't as wet and chewy as a normal sweet date. Bye bye dates.... I am gladly appreciating jujube now in my life. (Some Asian supermarkets also offer jujube brown sugar - my new favorite bakery accessory). 

Now that we learn to eat more than one kind of date, we should also cover some health benefits. Is this ugly, dark red thing really so healthy? 
Let's explore. 

1. Jujube may improve heart health and decrease the risk of heart disease
2. My friend stresses this heavily: jujube is very very very good for weight loss or controling weight, since it's very low-calorie with high protein and fiber!
3. Jujube boosts immunity and improves gut health
4. Being such a super power antioxidant and vitamin bomb, jujube is perfectly helping us with stress and anxiety reduction.
5. Another well-kept Chinese secret is the healing power jujube has for our skin
6. Also it improves sleep and treats insomnia.
7. With its high iron content, jujube regulates the circulation very well and some sources also say that it's a helping miracle when it comes to PMS
8. Jujube improves bone strength and it protects against seizures

Yeah, we can learn a lot from our wise Chinese lovebirds. 

I love learning more about food that really helps us being a healthier self. I'm just happy to know that there is so much food out there which has to be explored, just because it is the best medicine for us and our bodies. Share this, get your own jujube and experiment! Tell me what you think!! 

Maybe I will be less mean to dates in the future. I still have a hard time ~ 

Let's talk and hug each other today! It should be World Mental Health Day make sure to always ask your friends how they feel or offer your help - it's highly appreciated.