7:57 PM It's time again to celebrate a new sneaker release with you — a really special one if you ask me. 
With today's shoe, I connect so much in one. In my teenage years, I was deeply in love with my Nike Cortez, simply white with a blue swoosh. 
I felt like the shit with these on. 

Skip forward to 2018 when the Cortez is already back in our 9-5 life and it's shining in so many colorways... but this month, things are changing.
Kendrick Lamar and Nike release the most chill Cortez of all time, preferred outfit choice for this shoe is tall socks and shorts which capture the usual LA style, Kendrick's home.

I love Kendrick and I am hooked when I look at the shoe. A white sneaker with some orange and blue details — the highlight: no laces.
This Cortez wants us to chill this fall — I'm down and I keep on celebrating Kendrick's partnership with Nike! I love this "House Shoe" and I can't wait to see the next release ~

What do you think of this shoe?