3:56 PM Today is Halloween and I can't believe that November is already coming along. There's no escaping — the days are getting shorter and the immune system needs a lot of support to stay strong! Start now before it's too late, lovebirds.

For my byebye fall outfit (kinda), I wanted to show you an outfit I loved to wear all summer and also when the breeze started to tease us. 
I am actually not a fan of denim dresses, but when I found this gem at L-Train Vintage in NYC, I was in love. It was actually beyond long, but I needed to take it with me, because the 10$ price was smiling at me. 
In my hotel room I took out my tiny nail scissor and cut the unnecessary parts off, I wanted it to be as short as it can be. Et voilĂ . 
Best investment ✔️
2nd hand✔️
Happy Mother Nature ✔️
Happy me ✔️
As I can't be fancy every day, I kept this outfit simple.

Highlighting my favorite summer sin: my mellow yellow sunshine banana AF1s. Call them whatever you want

Are you done choosing your Halloween outfit? I hope so! If not, check out my inspiration for this year — here.