Kapstadt, Südafrika

7:59 PM Can you imagine to live in a country where your access to water is limited? 
Or can you imagine that your city is running out of water — H2O, something we need to survive? 

Sounds like a nightmare. 
It's a luxurious thing to talk about water while there are many places out there which don't have water for their people, whom have to walk for miles to get some of it. Dirty water mixed with bacteria. 
Between this world and our rich and oppolent comfort of having plenty of clean water, there's Cape Town. The perfect mix of a modern bigger city with traditional neighborhoods!

Reality is that Cape Town, hugged by two different oceans, is running out of water! 

With my Cape Town visit in January, I got a heavy education and reality check when it comes to the usage of H2O — this dream domicile I was about to visit is having a drought very soon. 
What. The. Fuck. 
Before I got there, I worried, I panicked — and I'm only a tourist. I wasn't used to such a situation. 

I read a lot about it before I went to Cape Town, but also our shuttle and hotel explained a lot to us. There was water, still, but the government asks one to take care of their water. Don't take too long showers, flush only when it matters, and most importantly don't abuse it for total nonsense.
Also restaurants asked for everyone's support. It feels weird experiencing this as a stranger, "playing" with this important gift, while the people of Cape Town wait until Day Zero happens.
Day Zero is the day of the nightmare actually happening — the city has no more water to offer. 

To push this event far far away there are actions which can be done – I already started stating some points. Clean your dishes with your dishwasher once only, use grey water, shorten your showers, instead of washing hands use sanitizer...

I tried to use not so much water when I was there and I felt bad to flush all the time and use plenty of water, because I sweat. 
It was a weird experience and I couldn't believe how the people of Cape Town change their water behavior just like that and adjust to the situation so easily. 
I worried also about the unfortunate people, how will they continue? Do they get help from the government? 

At home, I thought a lot about Cape Town. Day Zero came closer...
Then, I read a massage: Day Zero is pushed back to July. "Oh my god! That's awesome!!," I cheered. 

Due to my busy summer, I kind of forgot about Day Zero again. It was pushed back and I felt happy and satisfied for the moment.
Until last week.

I googled again. 
The people in Cape Town are cutting their usage of water so drastically, Day Zero is now not even happening before 2020! Well at least one can read that 2019 is supposed to exist without Day Zero... 
These are exciting news!! 

I can't believe how powerful my dear Cape Town lovebirds are! What a well deserved victory! Until now! 

I got so much respect for this whole situation that I tried to be sustainable with my water at home, too. I think about my water usage and I want to encourage you to do the same. 
Maybe you are travelling to Cape Town, too, but you don't know what to do and how to behave there. 
I care about water — all kind of water. So here's a little info about the water crisis and how to use it correctly. Take this for your Cape Town vacation and copy some actions and add them to your daily. 

Thank you for reading this! 

Check out those links for more info: 1,2,3. (Link #3 is a water calculater you should definitely try!)