8:00 AM It's time to finally share my first #ocaiko project! I talked about #ocaiko already, but some of you might have missed it! If that's the case, check it out right here.
The good thing is that for this project there are no rules one has to follow. Pretty easy. It's all about helping out and finding places which focus on children and their needs. 
Since my Africa experience really shaped me and left a big mark on my heart, I wanted to dedicate my first box to an African organization. I found a place in Uganda with which I fell heavily in love: Little Angels. A really sweet place for orphans I knew I could send cool stuff to.... 

GET TO KNOW: "The Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project was formed and operates in the Bufuka area of the Kabale District, Uganda. The Little Angels Project cares for 200 needy children with the aim of preserving the life and promoting the well-being of orphans and needy children in the Bufuka area. Our Mission is to promote inclusion of children with special needs and provide ongoing training and support for teachers, families and building schools all over the Bufuka area on Lake Bunyonyi. 
The beliefs and philosophy of Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project are:
Young people are born in villages with great academic potential to influence the future economy and contribute to the world but very few ever get the opportunity of getting higher in Education.
These children have either poor guardians or no guardians and need resources to allow them to be educated. Often the lack of resources causes these children to drop out of school and go into work to contribute to family income or to survive alone living on the street.
These children are at risk due to various diseases. These children need education on health practice and resources for treatment.
We are hoping that with the help those who love children and pray for them we shall raise them and rescue those on the verge of losing their education or their lives.
The primary income source of the Little Angels Project is cash donations given by tourists. The Little Angels Project receives limited support and enjoys a constructive relationship with the local school and church. Please check out the rest of our website to learn more about the Little Angels Needy Children & Orphan Project and find out how you can make a difference."

Since my projects and interests seem to be crazy to some of you, I wanted to show you how this creator / ocean activist / charity unicorn really is. I'm not doing those things, because of my financial situation (lol I'm not rich — I got two jobs), or because I want to put myself on a pedestal... 
I am a human being who cares. 
In my video below you will get to see some things from my office and studio — welcome to my world. 
You see I'm quiet normal.

And then.
Get inspired. 
Check out my first #ocaiko box and tell all your friends about it! 
If you want to join me and do something good, please use the hashtag #ocaiko, so I can be sure that I find you in this deep internet land! I want to connect and collaborate with all of you! 
Let's make some waves ~ 


More info on Little Angels via this link.