7:16 PM Having a greener lifestyle doesn't mean that you are different or a freak. It's a healthy attitude to think about our consume and the way we benefit or not benefit our planet...
If you look around at your home, you might realize that there is a lot of stuff laying around which you don't really need. Many of these things might have been made out of plastic (super popular in our kitchens, for example. I get it, it's cheaper and you can always replace it....). 
But let's talk facts. Do we really need all of this? Or why do we always invest in so many plastic products for our homes? 

For those who didn’t see it/read it, I am fighting for a more sustainable surrounding and my off-time is well spent: I’m an ocean ambassador and I want my oceans to stay clean/ become clean again to help marine life and so much more which suffers from our heavy pollution and cheap material usage. It’s horrible to see what’s already going on out there.

For 2017, I have started a fundraise which is dedicated to all of the people who fight for plastic free oceans and a plastic free world – it’s about time! Read about my fundraise here and please make sure to donate some dollars – it won’t kill you.

Today I want to dig in the plastic topic one more time. I already told you there is so much we can do and sometimes we ignore those little things during our daily lives (I get that). As soon as you know how to reduce plastic in your everyday lives, you will stick to that and your heart will feel so much better, believe me! The hardest thing is always the beginning (I’m not saying to cut everything plastic off your life…start step by step: this is really easier). 

If you think room after room, plastic elimination can be tricky or a bit complicated - that's how I feel about the bathroom. But today, I will try to make it easy for everyone of us and demonstrate a way how we can start having a greener bathroom with so many cool things, one doesn't even notice that the plastic is gone.
Do you use a lot of plastic in the bathroom, too? I think about the shower first.... shampoo bottles, cosmetic products, microbeads inside the cosmetic products, tooth brushes, and so much more. Okay....sooo how will I wash my hair than? No plastic means no beauty products? It's a learn process! There are many products out which give you everything you need - and they are sustainable and green. Just look at one of my favorite brands Lush. Lush offers everything from shower supply, to dental hygiene, soap, massage bars, perfums, lotions, and masks. No matter what you are looking for - Lush got you covered! 

To begin super easy. My tip for a healthy bathroom is: say no to plastic and say yes to more natural products: wood + glas is the answer. 

I don't want to make it too complicated in the beginning... 

Start super simple. Get yourself a wooden tooth brush - the bamboo ones are super trendy right now! In addition to that, go to Lush or get to know other brands which offer shampoo bars, hygiene articles, and everything that takes care of your body. 
Focus on my basic rule: wood and glas. Get yourself a glas cup for your tooth brush or invest in bamboo cups. Throw away those weird sponges and plastic brushes and invest in wooden brushes or natural sponges which you can use over and over again. Just like cotton make-up pads which you can throw in your washing machine and then they are ready to be reused. 
Check the labels of your products. Remove everything that has mircobeads (tiny plastic particles) inside - with washing yourself you don't only pollute our oceans, but also your skin! Why don't you invest in products from Dr. Bronner's which you can buy once and use it for more than 10 different purposes? I just love this simple idea. 

We want to be clean, so use clean material. 

Throw your plastic single-use shavers away and invest in some rustical soap bars for your guests to wash their hands with. Go organic - or create your own bars, lotions, and sprays. The world is yours and here we can be creatively super open!

Check your bathroom belongings. What do we actually need? What is good for us, our skin, our bodies and our oceans? 

We don't have to be crazy when it comes to a more green bathroom. I personally am not 100% green in the bathroom, especially when it comes to female hygiene. The current trend goes into sustainable periods and everything that deals with it... I included it in my list, but personally, I am not there yet.... 
I got my wooden brush, I love Lush's tooth tabs as tooth paste, I use natural sponges and wooden brushes, and I definitely want to test making my own green products. (I guess I should write an extra post on this...)

Nothing really changes here much. 

So this is the first chapter of our how-to book. There are many ways to conquer this huge issue – those are simple ideas of mine, but I am curious to hear about your ideas or daily life tricks. I know there are people out there who care just as much as I do. Let’s chat.
I know one big issue which I also had is the money. Please don't invest all your money into clean and green products and then starve yourself. 

It's good to know that you want to take care of the oceans, but do it step by step. 

Natural materials might cost a little more than single-use plastic.... buy your selection whenever and wherever you want to. Start small with a cheap wooden brush and upgrade yourself week after week, or month after month. Look around at home... old Mason Ball jars? You can also get super handy additonal accessories like a pump mechanism, so you can turn your old smoothie Mason Ball jar into a soap dispenser! See my point?

I hope this little intro helps you to feel inspired to rearrange your bathroom. If you have questions about my favorite products, you can also send me a mail or a tweet! I'm around! 

Happy weekend to all of you! Bye bye, plastic ~