Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

6:48 PM Summer is the perfect time to explore the world of BBQ. I think I already said it in my DIY BBQ sauces post — I'm a die hard BBQ fan. I don't know if it's because of the meat, but I love any kind of grilled meat! The flavor, the look, and all the crazy things one can create! Marinades, dips, spice blends — a pure and so inspiring trip around the world! 
When it comes to BBQ parties, I am actually cool with hot wings or a steak... a steak is quiet luxurious in my world... Here and then, I get a crazy craving for burgers, too. The good stuff though — lots of cheese, crispy bacon, I also love guacamole on my burger! I'm open to anything ~ 

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a day in Frankfurt where me and my sister were curious to check out the Basquiat exhibition. Having so much American culture, we decided to end this trip with a visit at Frankfurt's burger heaven "What's Beef". This burger mecca is actually Düsseldorf's finest, but the chain opened in several cities as well. The place has been around for a little bit and my sister was already a big fan — I only knew plenty of pictures, but I never ate there! I was excited to try the burger, since I am a supporter of Selim (the owner) and all of his culinary projects. 
One of my first "Treating Myself" posts was about "Toykio" his first baby — a cool hip hop inspired café. What's Beef is actually Toykio's brother with the same interior styling, but only catering anything fatty and burger oriented. 

A glossy burger served with hip hop beats is sometimes all you need!

Even though the interior is extremely red and aggressive – the restaurant is super inviting with all its cool art and hip hop vibes. We ordered our burgers and waited. We were lucky, because the place wasn't packed.... the burgers were done super quick. We went "super simple" with a cheeseburger, but I was beyond excited, since one is able to order the meat however one likes it to be. A medium rare burger was waiting of me... Our side dish was a delicious plate of fries topped with a creamy but super garlicky guacamole. I didn't know what to eat first... but look at this burger! The bread just looks perfect and I spot double cheese ~ yey. The first bites were exactly what I wished them to be! The meat was tender and super nicely spiced! Instead of the famous pickles other fast food chains would put on your cheeseburger, What's Beef decides to rebel and puts a usual salad cucumber slice on top — weird taste to be honest, but I had to laugh. Also, if you want to order a bacon cheeseburger, What's Beef is offering something which is said to be better than bacon — fried salami! You see, this is not your usual burger place! 

The people at What's Beef definitely know about food and their spices! I loved my burger, even though the garlic guacamole made my mouth feel numb after a while. I think the bread and the meat would have been enough for me... I was super full at the end, but happy! 

If one is enjoying the weekly cheat day at What's Beef, go crazy and also order some of their shakes! They offer the crazy shakes that one gets to see all the time on Instagram — the ones with the brownie or donut on top. This is the perfect place to stop counting calories for a little bit ~ treat yourself!

What's Beef. Seckbächer Gasse 5 ($$)