5:50 PM It's hot, hot, hot, and I continue dreaming about all kind of beverages. After showing you a different kind of latte recipe a couple of days ago, I decided to continue with this manner and also announce that August is my month of hydration. There are so many cool ideas out there to be tried and I believe that we also have to funk up our liquids. Especially during summer! 

This heat is bringing me mentally back to Africa and one of my best culinary memories of Cape Town and their café culture is rooibos (red honey bush). The flavor is more earthy, a bit robust, but also hiding a delicate sweetness which you shouldn't miss. 
At Melissa's in Cape Town, I had my first hot chocolate infused with rooibos tea and I was in love. This is one of the most inspiring drinks I ever had. Topped with African cinnamon... I'm not able to describe the flavor...

It influenced me so much, I continued focusing on rooibos in my home kitchen, too. I got plenty of rooibos tea here, but making myself a tea latte would take too long... that's why I made this syrup, so I can enjoy my African moment whenever I wanted to.... 
Join me and if you haven't so far, please make sure to test it yourself! 

*In some countries, Starbucks is offering this, too - so this is really the shit! ~


YOU NEED 500ml water + 500g sugar + 12 tea bags rooibos tea + 1 cinnamon stick + 8 -10 peppercorns + 2 star anise

1. Take out a sauce pan and heat the sugar with the water. Let the sugar fully disolve and stir here and then.
2. When everything starts to boil, add the tea bags, the cinnamon stick, the star anise and the peppercorns.
3. Let everything simmer for  a little bit. 
4. Keep an eye on the syrup - don't let it burn! To be safe, turn down the heat to a medium heat. 
5. After 20 minutes of simmering, the syrup should be thick enough - remove it from the heat. 
6. Let it cool down and remove the lose ingredients. Fill the syrup afterwards in a glas bottle or jar. 
7. Use it to sweeten your desserts and give simple dishes the sweet and nature-like taste of rooibos. I love my rooibos syrup with some milk - a lovely rooibos latte. Just heat up 1 cup of milk with 2-3 tablespoons of rooibos syrup (I choose more or less spoons depending on what kind of milk I drink! For oat milk, I always tend to use more, because I want to make the oat flavor disappear!). You can also add a pinch of extra cinnamon which makes my cup of rooibos latte super fancy. Try it! 

What do you think?
Curious to try this recipe?

Don't forget...during summer, these recipes are the best when they are iced. An iced rooibos latte is a dream and soooo refreshing! Why are we always talking about the same drinks? There's more to explore! Ready to taste my kind of Africa?