12:26 PM And here we go. Fresh month, new intentions, new motivations, more light. 4 more weeks of summer – enjoy it while it’s here! 

I am happy to talk about a dear project of mine that I created a couple of weeks ago. While I had my little summer blues, where I thought a lot about the world and my place, I realized that my fight for the oceans isn’t enough… If you are new here and don’t know what I am talking about: at the bottom of the page you can find a graphic that says “save the oceans” which is my fundraise to raise awareness about plastic pollution and our dying blue waters. I am a hardcore ocean activist, but so far, I ignored (I know this word is a bit too hard…but let's keep it real) human beings and their need of help. 

I felt that nature is something I want to fight for first, because here I can do a lot more… By raising money and supporting the right organizations and companies we can make a big difference when it comes to fighting plastic pollution – everyone can contribute. When it comes to poor little kids around the world…I don’t know what “my power” can achieve… also I’m not rich. 
This is a point where almost everyone stops. I know many people who say that they don’t even have enough money for themselves…why should they donate and help others then? I get that. And I leave this argument just like this. For now. 

When I went to Africa in January, I was actually interested to visit some facilities that take care of kids who are poor, parent-less, or sick. I wanted to help or at least bring things that they could use… Unfortunately, there was not enough time to take care of that and months passed… 

Until I decided to start OFF COLOR aiko. Aiko is Japanese and means “beloved child”. I love children and I finally want to help – worldwide. NOW. While I see way too many people being too flashy and selfish when it comes to belongings and material goods via Instagram, I get upset, because I also see on this same platform that there is still terrible stuff going on out there. 
Let me bring back the argument of being not rich enough. I am a freelancer and I do also have a second job to pay the stuff I need to pay to survive. I love money beyond and I always feel like I need to hoard more and more – just because. It feels good to feel stable – financially. But that’s my world. The Western world. There are people out there, girls, my age, whom aren’t allowed to work, others have to work from an early age on to support their family. Others don’t even own a home…others go to sleep with an empty stomach. Yes, we are rich. Rich enough to help. 

That’s why I always say 1$ for the oceans is something that everyone has. You pay 3$ for your plastic consume each day with your coffee fix… you got the money. 

You know what else we got? Creativity and a kind heart. With those two things we can help and make this planet so much better. 

So what’s the plan with #ocaiko? I don’t know how often I will / can do it, but every other month, I am choosing a special project where I am sending a box with useful supply to. This could be medicine for sick kids, hygiene goods, crafting supply, books, school material, or just entertainment things. There’s a lot we can send out into the world to help a little bit. 
If you got 10$ left, hit your next grocery store and buy 4 bottles of hand sanitizer. You want to invest a little more? Talk to companies! Do they have any products which they would throw away because of bad or failure packaging? 

There’s so much we can do and I am so happy to share this project with y’all. You know why? Because we can all collaborate here. 

I often feel, when it comes to the ocean stuff, it’s me against the world, and many out there don’t understand how serious this is. I’ve been fighting for over 2 years now and I move forward in tiny baby steps. I am not complaining, I just share the fact that this is really hard to promote. Still I am beyond motivated, because I know that in the end, you will understand this, too, and participate. #fortheoceans 

Until then, we can reach out to each other and start an own #ocaiko project. Maybe you feel more comfortable with this. Me, for example, I am sharing a project with my mom. We want to send out a package to Africa very soon. I told her this won’t be something crazy – just some school supply and whatever I think is helpful for the kids. Et voilà. 

What’s your idea? Ask some friends or your family if they’d like to join! Go to Google and browse for some cool institutions or organizations worldwide. Many of them also share lists where they talk about the products they are needing the most. Contact them and ask if they need anything else. Write a nice note for the kids and just feel good. 

We need to start caring about others more. Help is always needed and we can help, even if we only donate $1. We can make big changes. 

Believe me. #forourbelovedchildren #ocaiko 

Share the hashtag in your future donation actions – I am curious to connect with you this way! Spread the word and spread more love! 

Thank you & I love you!
x K