4:12 PM Dear summer - you are crazy this year!
I skipped some weeks from last #fruitypleasures post, but here we are now, still trying to escape from these crazy temperatures. We are enjoying a very African summer this season. 
I didn't expect that!

How does one survive tropical summers when one isn't the biggest fan of heat waves? Well, you just suck it up. Take life as it is - create your own perfect world and eat some more ice cream, haha. 

Hows your summer going, lovebirds? 
I still learn more and more about myself and my body when the climate is being so raw... I study the foods I can consume and what important nutrients I need to keep functioning right. 
A lot of cooking and experiementing - that's what I like. 

My current obsession is everything that screams for a vitamin overdose! A fresh kick in the morning, a little refreshing session after a workout, or a little spa moment after work. 
I love my lemons, but currently, I am enjoying the tarte taste of a seducing lime. Limes are sometimes underestimated... I tend to ignore them so much, because I don't see a difference when it comes to citrus fruits. 

I tested many recipes that ask for limes and somehow I fell in love again with these green buddies. 
In addition to that, I enjoy walks through the supermarket, exploring the special summer fruits that come along in all the beautiful rainbow colors! 
My latest crush: golden kiwis! Ever tried these? 

Did you know that kiwi has twice as much vitamin C as oranges and apples? They also bring a lot of vitamin K and E, potassium, and fiber along. 
Add a kiwi to your smoothie or make a little chutney for a BBQ party. There are many ways to use kiwi!

Which fruit is saving you this summer?
Any current favorites?