6:58 PM Every time I am back home in New York, I pass the Y7 studio so many times. I once took a picture of the entrance and I told myself that I will go to a class the next day – I am so intrigued to check this out! Then, I saw a couple of girls entering and I double checked them, and then myself. No way. I am not going to join a class… I will lose hardcore! 
At home, I felt sad that I didn’t go, but yeah… I’m a bit anxious when it comes to public working out…especially when it comes to yoga! 

I was the happiest when my dream yoga studio released this super cool yoga introduction book, so I can be a part of their class no matter where I am (and especially with no one being next to me!). “We Flow Hard” is my yoga bible which should bring me even closer to yoga (yoga really becomes an addiction of mine lately…). Also, I finally wanted to do all the basic poses right. Some apps or YouTube videos do it too fast, or I don’t really get to see the things that I’d love to learn. I am not into Kamasutra poses and folding myself like a pretzel…I just want to let my body breathe, stretch, and work my core and upper body. 

I decided to choose this fantastic book to be our latest OFF COLOR book club selection, because I want to show you that there are great books out there which we shouldn’t ignore. I know there are many people out there who’d love to learn more about yoga or maybe you are also dreaming about visiting a Y7 class from far away. 

With this book club, I want to engage you to try your first yoga moves, improve your performance (if you are still a beginner, like me), and enjoy some NYC yoga vibes with me. 

How did you like this book club? Were you able to work out during the heat? I know, summer is always hard for new challenges or such, but we also had a lot of text to read here…so I hope you enjoyed this little journey with me the last 8 weeks! Me, for example, I didn’t read the book in a week – I split it into many parts, because I wanted to understand it deeply. 

The book starts with the “Foundation” – what is Y7, what’s the concept, and who’s behind this successful movement? I love how honest this book is. This is not a show-off book where the founders tell us how easy and awesome everything is, but we get to understand how hard they hustled and especially seeing behind the curtains. How did they get to where they are today? And what can we actually take from yoga or especially a class at Y7? After this intro, we hop to the “Flow” – we get to know the confusing yoga names everyone is throwing around oneself while you keep on browsing the dictionary to figure out what pranayamas are… 

Since Y7’s concept is based on hip hop music, I love that the girls also dedicate some pages on music and how influential it is when it comes to working out. Isn’t it cool that one can follow the different playlists along which are listed in this chapter to practice different flows? It’s just like a session in NYC ~ All the basic poses are explained so well – via text and picture and it’s so easy to follow along! For me, as an ab-workout freak, there’s also a special ab flow included. I love it!! 

Once one is done with studying the poses, the last chapter “Finding Balance” helps to include this practice to your daily hustle. Ahhh, I just loved this personal touch. I felt like sitting in a therapy session. This chapter is really motivating and eye-opening! How can we achieve our goals… how do we deal with self-love….and how can we live a healthier lifestyle. In addition to that, we are also treated with a handful of recipes which help us fueling our bodies before and after our yoga sweat sessions! 
Hey, we are not done yet. 

To finish off perfect, the Y7 girls also refer to meditation. I am happy they included this. 

I have never studied a book which is about working out or especially yoga! I believe it’s hard to write the “perfect yoga book”, because what is the actual essence which touches and especially motivates everyone out there? I have to be honest…I know the people form Y7 via Instagram and I have been following along for a while that’s why my expectation of the book was super high. After and also while reading and practicing it, I felt even happier. The book is perfect and it gives me everything I asked for. Even more. The music examples – guiding us, no matter if you are a beginner or pro, from step to step is such a cool thing! It turned out perfect in my eyes. 

Going beyond yoga just shows that the Y7 founders are dear people who care and know a lot about this industry! There is so much to know about being active… no matter if you are a runner, swimmer, hiker, yogi, the info in the book is helpful for anyone out there! I appreciate this workout bible beyond! 

How did you get along with it? Any favorite chapters? I hope you had fun to explore an active book with me via the OFF COLOR book club ~ until next time!