9:22 PM Talking about straws and my beloved coffee houses, today is the perfect day to emphasize my love for coffee. I also want to continue with my month of hydration - this month I am sharing lovely recipes which make your summer a bit sexier! No secret - I needed to include a coffee recipe! 

Do you like iced coffee during the summer time? 
Sometimes, an iced latte or such is the perfect helper to stay cool and focused when I feel dizzy and overwhelmed with summer time. 
Oh god, I felt like this the last two weeks, haha... 96F and even more. My iced coffee was my daily highlight and it kept me sane for a little bit. 
In Germany, cold-brew is not super hyped like in the states... I still had no shot to test it. But I was intrigued to test it all...

When it's hot outside and I feel lazy, I think the idea of having a cold-brew coffee at home is pretty sweet. Don't you think? I jumped into my kitchen and did my first cold-brew. 
Proud as I was, I showed my work to a person who's actually a coffee expert and he said it was okay... but I have to change a few things to make it taste better - aka, it sucked, haha. 

I gave up on making my cold-brew and kept on drinking the usual way of cold coffee. 

One day, when I browsed for more delicious coffee recipes, I found an interesting and easy way to enjoy an iced latte in a far Eastern way! How about drinking your beloved summer iced coffee the Japanese way? Sources say it's better than cold-brew. 

With a Japanese aisu kohi, one is combining the principle of making a "cold-brew" in a faster method with an actual better taste. Basically, you are making a pour-over coffee where you replace half of the water with ice. As ice and coffee melt away, the coffee automatically cools down while brewing. 

It's fast, it's fresh, and it's all I need for summer. 


YOU NEED 1 Cup water + 1 Cup of ice + 1/4 Cup of coffee + coffee carafe + coffee filter 

1. Prepare your coffee station. Put the ice cubes into your coffee carafe. 
2. Place the coffee filter above and measure the coffee - put it into the filter! If you want a stronger taste, you can surely add more coffee. 
3. Is your water boiling yet? 
4. As soon as your water is hot, pour a little bit above the coffee. I love this moment... all of a sudden you smell this beautiful aroma. Please make sure to pour slowly. Take your time. 
5. After you poured the first splash of water, let the coffee breathe. The grounds puff a bit up and "bloom" - here, all your aroma will be developed to perfection. Add some more water and watch the coffee make his own reaction. 
6. Let it drain completely before you remove the coffee filter. 
7. Pour the coffee into a mug or your favorite cup and add milk or sugar if you want to! 
8. Enjoy and repeat this ritual as often as you like! 
9. If I can't drink all my coffee, I put the left-over in a glass bottle and put it into my fridge. The next morning, I am super prepared and only need to add some milk or such. 

This is definitely a little bit more fun than making cold-brew... I have to admit. I love having a cold coffee in less than a few minutes - cold brew just takes forever! I take those few minutes, even though I'm lazy and I just want to open the fridge to enjoy some quick coffee shots. 
I love this Japanese routine and I am happy to have found this! 

The flavor is rich, I am refreshed. And my coffee addiction is satisfied. 

How do you feel about this way of brewing?

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: geeist — iced.