6:21 PM Well-being. Something I am struggling with a lot here and then. My personal care routine is weird and irregular. Earlier, I didn’t care about it at all. I was just living. Day to day… things happened and I accepted it. 
Until I got active. Fighting my depression and being super active suddenly made me realize I have to take care about myself more. Since, I was super into philosophy all my life, I started studying everything about mindfulness which could help me taking care of myself better. Mindfulness made me happier – I understood life a bit better and I found an inspiration I could approach to with my weird moods and lifestyle. 

Today, after a little a routine, a bigger know-how, and a more open heart and mind, I can include more wellness moments into my life, when I really need it. Unfortunately, as a HSP person, I am sometimes caught in so much stress or anxieties that I forget to be mindful. I skip routines, rituals, or habits, because it’s too much at the moment. Deep down inside I want to be mindful, but my body refuses to, because it’s just extra stress that causes me heart racing and bad vibes… so I’ll just stay in my chaotic world and wait until the vibes flow naturally around me again. Then, I can be mindful again. 
Maybe restructure and start from 0. 
That’s my world. 

Maybe you know the same scenario or at least you understand my point here. This kind of situation sucks. That’s why I forced myself to live mindfully today. For a couple of months now, I am writing weekly schedules, and plan things ahead to have enough time to have plenty of me time and wellness for body, heart, mind, soul, and whatever body part needs a break. I know for some it’s hard to find mindfulness and actually give the body what it really needs. It’s a time process, but we shouldn’t forget about our beings first! 

Life is beautiful, but to enjoy this beautiful life, we need to take care of ourselves – physically and mentally.

Here are some tips how I stay well with some mindful wellness! 

1. CREATE A MORNING RITUAL. I don’t like rushing into the day. I hate stressful mornings and I love loooong breakfasts. That’s why I always plan a long morning routine to not miss out on a thing. There’s nothing worse than starting the day negatively with bad vibes. I wake up, stretch, make my bed, drink hot lemon water, breakfast and if I got enough time, I also like doing a tiny sport routine. Then I’ll get ready for work… there’s a lot one can do before the “stupid” tasks call our names! 

2. CONNECT WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD BEFORE YOU HEAD TO WORK. I go to work by train, but I always make sure that I also walk a certain bit to my work place. I don’t like taking public transportation with thousands of others standing and sitting on each other… I like a little bit of privacy and me time, so I make sure that I at least enjoy a 10-20-minute walk to work where I am all by myself with my music and some space. It’s so refreshing since I am the one who can create pre-work vibes which I hold on to the whole day. If I am anxious or excited, I can also use this time to tell myself a mantra and repeat it a couple of times. 

3. EAT SLOW. Feeling good and relaxed is often a byproduct of eating. Ever felt hangry? When I am hangry, don’t talk to me… don’t annoy me and stop asking silly questions – I will kill you, haha. Create food rituals throughout the day to keep you balanced – whether it is your snack or your dinner. Sit down with your food, eat alone, and eat slow. Look at your ingredients, chew your food right, and register that you are really eating. Next to eating, cooking can also feel like meditation – enjoy these moments and take as much time as you need to feel nourished and happy. 

4. CREATE A BEDTIME RITUAL. Don’t rush into bed. Make yourself a tea, read a book, write in your journal, stretch one more time… feel grateful! You will sleep so much better and the next morning you will wake up with fresh intentions and sweet vibes. 

5. GO GREEN. HAPPY HOME – HAPPY VIBES. I love plants no matter what form or what type they are. Unfortunately, I always killed my plants and so I stopped investing. A couple of months ago, I started to get myself a cactus - now I got 5 (it’s not a lot, but I upgraded myself and even better they are growing and having babies already…). I also have fake plants in my studio, but I have to admit that my fresh plants and my cute cacti help me having a fresh atmosphere which makes me breathe in and out with all the benefits I could ask for. Also taking care of my plants is just like therapy – super soothing and very rewarding! Plants are the perfect addition to a healthy home - start small and upgrade yourself step by step. 

6. HAVE A BREAK. Make sure to have many breaks throughout the day! Don’t focus on work the whole day…whenever you feel like it’s too much, make sure to get away from your desk or wherever you are. No one is being fit 24/7 – one gets tired, hangry, stressed, moody. It’s normal. Take tiny breaks, do a power nap, but most importantly hydrate! Close your eyes and take a deep breath – you can do it! 

7. LIVE BY YOUR MANTRA. Create a mantra which you can follow each day you wake up or whenever you feel weak and exhausted. “I am enough”, “I am strong”, “I believe in myself”, “I will not let anyone steal my energy today” – whatever it is. Say it to yourself or write a little note so you don’t forget about it. 

8. TREAT YOUR BODY. When we are stressed or out of balance, our bodies react, too! We feel fatigue, exhausted, and our skin might react, too. That’s why I always make enough time to wash my face (I got a 6-step Korean Beauty thing that takes forever, haha), take a long shower, dance a little bit while drying and putting all the lotion all over me. Yes, it takes forever, but I realized that my body needs to chill, too! I have to give back and make my body stay the most healing temple in this universe. Don’t hurt yourself and punish your body, because of your hectic lifestyle. Make sure to treat and love your body just as much as you love pizza. 

9. WRITE IT DOWN. I feel stressed, I feel low, I feel exhausted and tired. How can I find balance? Write your thoughts down. Sometimes we don’t really know why we feel a certain way. Yes, we are stressed, but do we know where it comes from? To heal ourselves, we have to know the roots. I write more than one diary! I buy many books and divide these into different topics, so I can study many of my behaviors, feelings, dreams, or worries. Analyzing your problems is the best start to living a better and healthier life. 

10. LISTEN TO YOUR EMOTIONS. To live mindful doesn’t mean to be perfect. Yes, a happy life is beautiful and being mindful can bring you a lot of happiness, but there will also be days where you are beyond sad. I am sad often and I love to cry. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself and just let it all out. When you feel like everything is too much – let it out and cry! Crying flushes all the negativity out and one can refocus again. Good vibes will follow after crying! Scream, shout, dance - it's good to feel! 

These are just tips which help me a lot having an easier daily routine with mindful and happy vibes. I feel less stressed and I always know what to do when I am beyond exhausted or feel like the world is bothering me too much. Try these things and don’t feel scared to open yourself to new things! It’s never too late to start with your own wellness routine. Nourish yourself and work on your whole being. It’s therapy and a lot of work, but it’s worth it! This can really change your life! 

Share your stories if you have any extra tips for me ~~