2:26 PM Let's continue exploring NYC together! I actually promised myself to try all kind of cafés in the Big Apple, since I am a huge coffee enthusiast. Especially during the warmer months, I highly appreciate any kind of iced coffee!
Last time I was home, it was April. Spring had not sprung yet, but one could definitely catch some sunrays! I was in the mood for a lot of coffee — seeing new places, trying different flavors – that's why I was there! 

Then, I remembered what I care for: mi oceans! 
I am not consuming any plastic when it comes to my coffee or tea – those days are over! So, can I still enjoy my coffee in the city of massive straw and plastic chaos? 
Well. For my last trip, I decided to not take my tumbler with me, it was too heavy! In New York, I missed it like crazy... And since I wanted to enjoy at least one nice beverage, I decided to break the rules. I used plastic…

My sister always wanted to visit Cha Cha Matcha and I always told her that all the hipsters go there, so it's not the right place for us. Now I have passed Cha Cha more than 20 times and I wasn't craving roasted coffee beans, I was in the mood for something sweet and refreshing like matcha. Cha Cha Matcha was the perfect place for me to break my rules and finally get it off my list. 
I went there on a sunny day, right before my tour ended. The catchy pink vibes is something one cannot miss...  One might catch some girls taking selfies with their drinks, being all hyped because of all this pink and cute af look. I get it, I get it.

Inside the cuteness continued. I like some pink here and then, but this was a bit too massive for me, ha. I rather enjoyed the cool neon art and jungle vibes in the farest corner! I was surprised how "basic" Cha Cha Matcha is. Their selection isn't crazy — simple with the outstanding classics, I would call it! But I thought they would offer more pastry or things which would fit to NYC's usual offer. I mean in NYC one can sell anything! So when one only offer matcha lattes, I feel like there's no motivation to create further or play with the ingredients! 

I didn't want judge, though. I came for a matcha latte and I guess that's what everyone else comes for, too!

 A funky Asian guy helped me out while grooving to some sweet hip hop... gosh, this is getting more and more hipster-ish! I had to laugh and the Asian dude kept on laughing too while having the time of his life! It was so awkward that it was actually exactly what I needed in this Moment. Careless doing you — that's what I love about NYC! He was feeling it and spread all of his joy with the visitors of pink matcha land! 

I sat down and waited for my order, an iced matcha latte with coconut milk. 
"K!," he screamed and upgraded his moves a little bit! I got my drink, took some more last pictures and left — another group of tourists came. I walked along the Bowery and checked out some pottery shops along while enjoying my drink. I was happy. The matcha latte tasted exactly how I wanted it to taste. Have you ever tried the green tea KitKat? That's how it tasted — a liquid green tea KitKat! Sweet, creamy, a hint of white chocolate maybe?, and delicious matcha! 

The price was actually pretty decent, but for your info — they only take credit cards! I feel weird paying 5$ with plastic cash, but that's normal in NYC... 

If I want a delicate matcha refreshing moment, I'd definitely spend my money at Cha Cha! Let's just see if I can bring my tumbler next time, so the experience will be better for everyone! I will definitely check out more matcha treats in NYC, but this was a sexy beginning already! 

Cha Cha, you might have a little too much swag or too much of Barbie's dream house, but still you treated me nicely with the most positive vibes I could ask for! I wonder if this dude is still dancing…

Cha Cha Matcha, 373 Broome ($)