Berlin, Deutschland


9:03 AM I love creating spa moments at home. The older I get, the more I am getting excited about the thought to be off from social media and whatever's around me to just focus on myself, the mind, and the body. 
During winter time, I love setting the mood with some candles and taking a bath until I almost fall asleep. In addition to that I listen to some funky beats, take care of my face and my skin in general - a little oil therapy and a lot of lotion to feel silky again. I am extra fancy during the colder months ~

During summer, I am not really into that, since all I am asking for here is a cold shower that cools me down from the tropical temperatures. Currently, the only spa I do is for my knee - a little oily massage to keep the blood hot and running! #roadtorecovery 
I still fantasize about spa moments though, but my motivation is zero! 

A couple of months ago, my co-worker gifted me a little spa moment when I was a bit stressed, or let's say unrelaxed... He knows me well and explained that he got this, because he knows how much I am into being zen and just balance the stress away. It was a cute idea and I already got excited to try it as soon as the days get darker and shorter again. 

Right before I went to Berlin, I was in a little stressful atmosphere again and all I wanted to do is chill and just treat my body. I thought about my gift again! Back then, when I got it, I already smelled it... it smells like heaven! The smell already calms me down and makes me smile, so I decided to just take with me! 

Luckily, I had a huge shower in my Berlin hotel room, so when I got back from my city hike, I turned on my music and danced in the shower! I took the lotion and shower gel with me - a little quick spa moment, but I knew that's all I needed right now. 

I love Ritual's shower gels, aka shower foams! Their foam is soft and silky and rich of charming scents - I was familiar with these already from the past and I am just amazed how much fun it is to watch this liquid thing turn into a glossy foam on the palm of your hands. 

A treat during the wet times, followed up by the moisturizing lotion afterwards! This was exactly what I needed! My skin felt excellent and nourished! The scent was all around me and I felt zen af again ~ 

Imagine a cloud around you consisting of white lotus - very fresh and purifying beyond. In addition to that, Rituals added some Yin Yin Ren which is also good for anti-inflammatory properties. 

This whole Dao series focuses on the harmony of Yin and Yang and I couldn't be happier about this gift! It's a great addition to my wellness routine and maybe I will focus a little bit more on wellness and spa during the hotter season!

I will sureley try some more in the future, but Dao is really highlighting my bath time! 
Good job, Rituals!
Have you ever experienced Rituals products? I am curious to hear about their other collections!!