5:38 PM Meditation is something that helped me feeling healthier, much healthier. As a teenager or young adult, I never understood how to get rid of pressure, how to slow down, or just to forget about stress. I know this is called life, but I would have needed a little extra support to just feel healthy during the hard times, so I know that after this, life is actually better than ever.

I felt unhealthy before my stress, during my stress, and even worse afterwards. I didn't know how to unwind there was just school and jobs. I didn't work out really — my only outlet was the blog and back in the days the magazine. My creative stuff wasn't as much fun as it is today— I put myself too much under pressure and that's why I couldn't relax while being creative.

Since being more active, everything fell in place.

It happened so naturally and I'm more than happy to have chosen this path! With running, I started many rituals where I started to get myself and my body to know better! I practiced more self-love and self-care — well-being on a higher level! I started being mindful and meditated.

While browsing and studying meditation, I learned that I was actually super behind with this. Many hip hop artists actually live very mindful or at least care about spirituality and the self.

Evolution and creation of the self while just being in the moment and take some time off.

Breathing, letting go, reconnect. I tried it for myself and I don't want to miss it! Especially during summer, meditation feels like something else. One is not forced to stay inside, one can go outside and connect with nature! I think I meditate more in the summer because of this!

If you haven't started yet or you procrastinate with your first session, feel brave and treat yourself! Create a habit now when everything feels breezy and sweet, so you don't struggle during the cold and dark winter days!
I also got some recommendations for you which make your start so much easier!

balloon (german)

Don't say no to this - give it a try and make sure to keep going! This is a life-changing experience and I am so happy to be able to deal with my anxieties and stress better! I have my refuge and a little time out that puts me in the right place when I feel lost! 


What's your favorite app for meditation?


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