New York City, New York, USA


7:49 PM Ahhhh, this is an activity I love the most when it's warm and sunny outside. Strolling, looking for old treasures or little things that could make a great addition to your home or wardrobe. Flea markets are awesome. 

As a kid, I was annoyed walking along. Passing table after table, seeing grandma's weird kitchen equipment or figures which are deeply coated with dust. Stuff that a kid can't use... 
When I got older though, I was intrigued to go more often, since I am collecting all kind of old vinyls! Flea markets are the mecca for vinyls! I was in love. 

Now whenever I am travelling, I am always writing on my list to visit local flea markets - no one ever knows what beautiful things one is able find. 
The flea markets in Berlin, for example.... those are awesome and such a dream! Furniture, cute decoration, a lot of art, and more vinyls to dig in deep. 

Funny that I never visited the flea markets in New York. 
No time?
No motivation?
I don't know. 

In April, I said to myself that the weekend is dedicated to the flea market and Brooklyn. I love hiking to Brooklyn - whether via the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, or Williamsburg Bridge - I love them all! 
Brooklyn feels like a little holiday away from busy Manhattan...
The atmosphere is so sweet and I love Brooklyn's people! I can't describe what it really is, but I enjoy the vibes beyond!

So Sunday came and I was ready to hike to Dumbo. 
I have to add that in April it was still a bit cold and I was in New York while the city enjoyed a beautiful rainy week with flood issues at the end of my stay. It was a new and weird experience... but that's Mother Nature. Things like that happen... 

I was excited to go to Dumbo and enjoy my first New York flea market experience! The wind was slapping my face and the rain drops were soaking my jacket. I was shaking, but I smiled when I observed Manhattan getting smaller and the city noise was silent after some miles. 
Brooklyn, here I come. 

The walk was pretty fast and soon I got to Pearl Street. 
Due to the weather, the flea market was semi crowded, only a few stands were there to entertain and supply us with their great products.

There was a beautiful place with plants next to the coolest vintage furniture. Frames, old sign plates, clothes, art, jewelry - there was a lot to discover, though. 

Unfortunately, the vinyl section was heavily focused on pop and rock and I couldn't find things which I needed to bring back home. I enjoyed the selection one more time and took another round before I headed back to Manhattan. I was hungry for some dumplings! 

Heading back, I imagined how great it would be to visit the flea market again when it's summer!
Are you in New York right now?

Don't have any plans on Sunday?
Man, if I were you, I would definitely head to Brooklyn to enjoy their flea market! 
I guess this season they will also treat you with great culinary things and fun stops to enjoy the flea market even more!
Fun for everyone!

I will be returning, too! This wasn't my last stop at the flea market! Not only because I want to do some hardcore shopping, but also because I want to deliver you more and better pictures! This is just a tiny impression for you to get curious ~ stay tuned for updates! 

What do you need to know?

Brooklyn Flea is happening Saturdays in Industry City starting at 10am-5pm 
241 37th St. in Brooklyn 

Brooklyn Flea is happening Sundays in DUMBO starting at 10am-5pm 
Manhattan Bridge Archway – 80 Pearl St.

Both flea markets are open from April - October!