4:45 PM The last real real “Sneaker Thursday” is a while back. Sometimes I don’t find the time to sit down and draw or sketch some sneakers, orrr there aren’t cool releases out, so I continue focusing on other stuff. Fact is, I am drawing so much digital stuff that I was craving to sit down with some silky paper, my pencil, and a rubber to correct all the extra mistakes I do… (I get worse the more I draw digitally…). 

Luckily, something jumped into my eyes which was the perfect inspiration to sketch. 
As a runner, I am always looking for sexy running sneakers. What’s the perfect pair for me to enhance my own performance and get the most out of my runs? I’m impressed how stylish some shoes are and I am continuously hyped to check all of the new releases out – no matter the brand. For running, I’m honest, I am focusing on adidas and Nike and I can’t believe that they always get better or more creative with the next release. Good for us runners… 

This latest release or design from Nike is something that makes my heart jump already. My go-to sneaker is their Pegasus and so far, it did not disappoint me! I wear my Pegasus for running, but also when I’m at work – comfort first ~ As a little treat, I got myself their Zoom Fly last December and I was so amazed by this weird, but so well-working sole which helps improving speed! Now it seems like my prayers where heard and Nike mixed their best features and designs into one. 

Ready for the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo? 
The name sounds dangerous, but I guess it fits perfectly to the shoe! Check this out.

Here we got a little speed update for those who still aren’t fast enough… I’m still behind, haha. The Zoom Pegasus Turbo is also equipped with the ZoomX foam which delivers the greatest energy return of any Nike foam. About 85 percent of energy is being returned with this foam – what a great feature!! Can you believe that this is Nike’s lightest foam? A women’s size 8 weighs only 6.9 oz – feels like a feather or a cloud on your feet! 
What else do we got? The shoe is provided with a translucent mesh upper and a thick racing stripe running down the center until the forefoot. A very stylish model which will also be matching to your off-track outfits! 

What do you think? Will you follow this release and study the shoe and its performance on yourself? I might wait a little bit… maybe there will be cool colorways coming up. Who knows… Stay tuned via.


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