8:51 PM Man. My friends always tell me how much they love Berlin... even artists dream about this dirty and so inspiring place. I call this place Hauptstadt (the capital), because that's what it is to me, haha. I visited Berlin many times — I share a lot of stories with this concrete jungle, but I still don't feel the hype everyone else is feeling! 

I ran my first official race in Berlin. I saw Drake in Berlin (I used to be his #1 fan). I experienced our dear capital during all seasons and I bravely survived the cold Berlin winter! Still no love. My last Berlin date happened in May (maybe you remember my trip with REWE Group).
I actually went there with no feelings and a huge open mind. I knew that Berlin has a great culinary side, so I actually prepared myself to only focus on food while I'm there, maybe my mood will change then, too! I thought about my favorite spot from my last visit "District Mot", but I also knew that Berlin is the place of hipsterism — they always come with something super NYC or LA-ish. 

So, I checked blogs, Instagrams, and the whole internet land. Berlin always surprises me. I already said it in my last Berlin post - the vibes were all good! I actually had a good time with plenty of good food — nothing to complain!

This trip was inspiring and refreshing so I told myself to make a list of all the good things I already tested and future have-to test spots.

Heading to Berlin only for a few days? No problem....check out my weekend Berlin guide! This is all you need to experience ~

SLEEP 25hours Hotel

EAT District Mot (Vietnamese, but THE BEST BURGER IN TOWN!!), Good Bank (organic salad heaven with indoor farm), Maison de Pain (the land of bread), Döner + Currywurst - a traditional German fast food which you can get anywhere on the streets, Avocado Club (everything they offer screams avocado), Maison Han (Vietnamese café with all you dream of), W Pizza (because pizza, duh), Ramen x Ramen (because ramen…), Nihombashi (are you ready for this kind of sushi?) 

SEE Rittersport Chocolate Museum (you can create your own chocolate bar!), historical spots like the Jewish memorial, the Brandenburger Tor, and the Reichtag. For art: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Pool Gallery 

SHOP Voo Store, Weekday, Monki, Wood Wood, big shopping centers: KaDeWe, Bikini Berlin, Mall of Berlin,  vintage and second hand: Humana, the flea markets at Arkonaplatz and Mauerpark

Berlin is great during summer - come and visit Germany! Let's get in the mood with these impressions from my last trip as well! Happy Berlin touring ~~

*let's be fair... this time I only spent a night in Berlin and haven't seen much of the city, due to the event I attended! I hope these short impressions make you smile… (most of these flicks are recorded via video... you see these again in my Berlin video