New York City, New York, USA

2:06 PM When I was in NYC, a year ago, I had a moment where I found myself at Times Square and I looked around. Everything looked and felt the same – the city didn’t excite me how it used to. I had a morning blues walking around finding places that excite me and get to know the city better – or did I know NYC too well already? 
Can’t be. 

NYC is never sleeping and yet there is so much out there for me to discover. I ended up in Central Park. I went there to turn my mind off and enjoy a run. I’m at the most touristic place again. Why do I always choose those places? I am getting sick of those spots here and then. Too many tourists and a never changing scenery. 

Yes, I fell in love with NYC through places like this. But after seeing and touching all of those famous places more than once, I actually got bored. Luckily, NYC has so much more to discover that the places that no one likes to visit are the places I call my real love affair of NYC. 

NYC is not Times Square, Statue of Liberty, and the Guggenheim. It goes deeper than that… 

I finished my run and I deleted all my must-sees and must-dos from my mindset - it was the stuff I have seen and visited last time, no need to take another picture of the Empire State Building (no offense)… I was open to dig deeper. I want to connect with NYC how no one connects with it. I asked Google and after a minute of browsing, I gave up. 

I looked around and asked the next NYCer I could see. “Hey, I’m here for the first time ever”, I lied. “Could you tell me what places I really really need to see? Is there something cool?” 

If NYCers can’t tell me what’s hot in the city, then I don’t know who else should know.... 

This is how my different kind of NYC guide was born. I will continue doing this in the future more often to always update you! When people travel to NYC, they want to experience the real NYC – there you go! Enjoy New York like a local cat and see things your dearest travel guide or blog doesn’t share. 


SHAWN:  42nd street. It's touristy out there, but who doesn't enjoy great food with bright lights? I think it's a great address to experience the best food in the city! 

JON: Artichoke Pizza. It's an institution. New York is the city of pizza and the best place for pizza is artichoke! Whoever says something else, lies. 

DANA: I think the fact that everyone tries to be a trendy New Yorker, a very good start to also take the perfect Instagram flick would be by CHLOE.. It's also vegan and everybody talks about it! 

T.: One of my favorites is Lighthouse. If you are looking for something healthy and authentic, Lighthouse is the perfect place to go to! It represents Williamsburg perfectly. 

DEBORAH: I don't know why, but people really underestimate High Line Park. It's super NYC-ish to go there and have picnics or you could just go to enjoy the view and take pictures! 

Take out your books, kids, and write down the tips New York people give you. I can't wait to share more of these soon! 

Happy NYC exploring ~