7:41 PM Summer, you are getting hotter and hotter. My inside is already screaming for fall...

I can't lie — all this beautiful light right now is massive inspirational and the sun is creating the most beautiful make-up we could actually wear... but still, this humid climate is playing games with me. This will forever be a love — hate relationship! 

The only thing that literally keeps me cool right now is ice cream! It's so funny, I'm actually not a crazy ice cream person, but during summer, I feel like I need to place an ice cream snack on my daily schedule, somewhere between lunch, snack time, and dinner. I make room for it, because it's urgent, haha. As soon as winter or fall is here I am good without it (milkshakes are my number #1 then, but also only for special occasions). What a weird relationship…
I guess one important reason why #icecreamlife is not my priority, is because I don't eat dairy anymore. Since dairy is banned, many dairy products are a blurr on my mind. 

Ben & Jerry's is finally offering dairy free ice cream in Germany, but the flavors are super limited... still, I can indulge in some ice cream whenever I feel like it!
Since it's summer now, I try to take care of my weird ice cream relationship and focus on only the good stuff. 

I am not paid to write these words, but I am the biggest Ben & Jerry's fan! If I'm in the mood for ice cream, it has to be Ben & Jerry's. My love for this company goes beyond — I even got their ice cream and baking book! I have always been curious to get to know their secret ingredients when it comes to their cookies, because these are the best! Lord Jesus! Their cookie dough is out of this world… For summer, I actually told myself to try a new flavor and ignore my anti dairy attitude for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I completely fell in love with their ice cream sandwiches "son of a 'wich" — it felt like love at first sight, so I had no chance to fall in love with other flavors. 

Cookies and ice cream win. Sorry. When I found myself at the register to pay, I was already shaking and happy vibes were all around!

As soon as I got home, I needed to try my first sandwich...I couldn't wait, I just wanted to melt away with this. 
Lovebirds and ice cream freaks, if you ever want to eat a good ice cream sandwich - this is it! Oh my. 
The cookies have such a good texture, a bit chewy, not too soft, but so rich in flavor! And then, in the middle you got the creamiest vanilla ice cream with some chocolate bits - watch out, it's addictive!

Ok, I got to be honest here...I ate 2 of these right away, because I couldn't control my happiness and the deliciousness. 
I put the rest away. I wanted to save some for the super hot days! (I needed to resist).

Unfortunately, they are dairy products, but with their tiny size, I can live with it. I'm fine and moreover, I am satisfied. This is exactly what I want and need this summer!

Ben & Jerry's, thanks for creating this!
By the way, happy 40th birthday ~ 

Now I'm curious...what's your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor?