2:41 PM Happy World Chocolate Day! Didn’t know today was such a special day? Well, go ahead and treat yourself! I did, too. I am actually eating chocolate right now writing this, haha. While I am enjoying my chocolate treat from a great France trip yesterday, I am already fantasizing about today’s post. I created something special which I can’t wait to try again one more time! 

Believe me, I am not the best bread baker, but this recipe is crazy easy! I always wanted to make buns and different kind of bread, but I am a crybaby and I always got excuses to not do it… Until I was in New York and found this awesome Japanese bakery: Takahachi Bakery in Tribeca. I spent a lot of time in Tribeca last time and I finally fell in love with it… It may be because of Takahachi, but also because the vibes are beyond relaxing and a little anti-NYC-ish. Great food is spread throughout all the neighborhood and I just love how many things one can see and do!

For anyone being in NYC right now – take yourself some time to explore Tribeca! You won’t regret it! If you are not able to go to Tribeca right now and there’s no chance to visit Takahachi Bakery, don’t worry – I got you covered today
I want to show you something which has changed my life (again!). At Takahachi you can buy anything Japanese – things you have never seen or tasted, but also classics which got a little upgrade. Such as the baguette – they offer it with a matcha or chocolate flavor!
When I came, they only had one chocolate baguette left, but I was so happy to get my hands on this! I was dreaming about it days before I knew I was going! 

You might have seen the chocolate baguette in my NYC video diary already – but you didn’t know that it’s so easy to have your own chocolate baguette moment at home. I googled for days and I found the perfect recipe with a little input from my experience from NYC.
Just look at the picture above. 
This is heaven. 

You want me to go on further?
I guess I’ll just share the recipe now…


YOU NEED 500g flour + 20g cocoa powder + 100g chocolate (I used dark chocolate… milk chocolate is also recommended, since dark chocolate can be too bitter)  + 425ml water + 10g salt + 3g dried yeast + 2 tablespoons honey 

1. In a bowl mix flour with the cocoa and the salt. 
2. Add the water, yeast, and honey and mix the dough well! 
3. Chop the chocolate to tiny pieces or you can also buy chocolate chunks ahead which makes this a faster process! 
4. Mix the chocolate chunks with the dough and make sure the chunks are spread well! 
5. Let the baguette dough rest for 10 minutes so every ingredient can get to know each other inside the dough, haha. 
6. Grab your dough and give it a very intense massage. We want our dough to be very soft and flexible, so we need to stretch it and fold the ends to the middle, and continue kneading. Do this process a couple of times! Stretch, fold the ends to the middle, and keep on kneading strongly with a lot of love. When you are done with this, let the dough rest for another hour. Cover it with a towel and put it aside. 
7. Divide your dough into three pieces (yes, we are making three baguettes!) and form each piece to a rectangle. Stretch the dough and make sure it is elastic. Let all three rectangles rest for 15 minutes. 
8. Fold the edges to the middle (left side to the middle, right side to the middle) and roll the dough to a cylinder. Once you have a beautiful cylinder, you can also work on your baguettes’ shape if it is too thick or too thin at certain areas. Roll it, form it… just make sure your three cylinders resemble like a usual baguette. 
9. Put some flour around your baguettes so there’s no sticking and let them rest one more time (30 minutes at least). 
10. Get rid of flour if there’s too much on your baguette and cut three lines inside your bread (don’t cut too deep). Also prepare your oven – preheat it! We need to bake our baguettes at 240°C circulating heat. 
11. Take out a baking tray and line up your baguettes. Bake them in the middle section of your oven for 30 minutes. Also for a sexy crust, prepare a bowl of water (the bowl has to be able to survive inside the oven) and place it beneath the baguettes! You really need this to have a nice crust!! 
12. After 30 minutes, you can surely remove your baguettes – just make sure that the crust is right and the dough is baked well! 
13. Take a deep breath! Your kitchen will smell the best right now! 

I know what y’all think. This recipe takes forever… That’s a reason why I never bake anything too complicated. Yeast always screams for waiting… a lot of waiting! And yes, I am honest. With this baguette recipe you will have to wait a lot, but the waiting is so worth it! Please don’t skip the waiting…even if it’s a 10 minute wait. Turn on the radio, listen to a special mix and dance in your kitchen! There’s a lot you can do while preparing the dough… just don’t give up or refuse baking this. This was my first baguette ever. And it tasted almost better than Takahachi’s version!

I am amazed and happy… this recipe is a keeper! You will make many people cry when you gift them this self-made chocolate baguette. Believe me.

Breathe in. 
You can do it! Just think about the retreat at the end. 
Eat this warm… 

You are welcome.