New York City, New York, USA


9:31 PM Talking about all this mindfulness this and the last weeks, let's actually continue by adding something I appreciate beyond! To me, a successful mindful day consists of many rituals which help me staying sane (and especially zen — reread this post again). Food, music, and movement are the catalysts which keep me going and brighten my mood! 

You know about my food love story — this is something which changed my life forever! Being healthy or at least mindful while eating is super satisfying to me and I don't want to miss it! In addition to food I focused on blends and superfoods which highlight my smoothies, baking goods, breakfasts, and whatever I like to create!

Since I still need to try MANY different roots, herbs, and traditional spices, I was so happy that my dear chill temple "Chillhouse" offers sexy spice blends, dusts, powders, or whatever you want to call it! Jaja, there's a lot out there to try when it comes to those crazy combinations, but I came to test Chillhouse's special offer! 

I did my research and already knew which blend I would get. When I was there, they only had one of my list — the birthday present for my sister "MAKE ME GLOW". I wasn't mad and actually enjoyed a great conversation which ended with the suggestion that "SPIN MY WHEELS" would be perfect for me. 
Ok, I'm in.

I took both with me and finally I can also write my review about it, since I had to wait until my sister's birthday was over, haha! 

Chillhouse. First of all your packaging wins. Always. I was so excited to try my mixture: Maca, Cacao, Lion's Mane, Astragalus Root, Rhodiola, Shalajit, Gingko, and Monk Fruit. For a beverage, one only needs 1 teaspoon of this deer colored powder together with some almond milk or the milk of your choice! "Spin My Wheels", which is actually good brain food, smells pretty neutral, but the taste surprises - positively! It tastes like a healthy hot (or cold) chocolate, but in a healthy way (which is not bad). It tastes really natural and pure! A tiny hint of herbs — but perfectly balanced with the nutty flavor of maca! I love it and I am already excited to create the most delicious drinks and treats! 

Chillhouse really surprised me with this, but I'm so happy I invested! 
In addition to these two you can also get "Chill Me Out", "Give Me Life", "Get Me Golden", "Clean Me Out", and "Make Me Sleep". I think "Make Me Sleep" is the next one I will try!!

I am happy to include this routine to my mornings, but also late evening creative processes. Being more mindful with little helpers like this makes life so much easier! 

If you haven't started using blends and powders like this — try it! Support your system, your bones, your mood, and your drive... a delicious boost for everyone out there! 

Have you visited Chillhouse on the Lower East Side yet? Check out my review here!