6:19 PM Oh lord. I can't believe how unreal this summer feels. I'm sitting on my bed, half naked. I am thinking of beautiful words to write this post and all my brain delivers me is blah blah, cream? 
Okay. I calm down and try to write this. In a proper manner. 

How's your summer, lovebirds?

I can't believe that July is over sooon. One more month of summer and I already feel like I can't handle this anymore, haha. 
We got 36°C (96F plus) for the last two weeks - from AM to PM crazy heat waves and I feel very sorry for our dear nature out there. Where's the rain? Just for one everyone and everything can cool down for a second.

Unfortunately, I have stopped (I needed to stop) my running routine during this crazy tropical time, because running was not possible. For days, I was struggling with headaches, dizziness, or just massive sweat monsoons all over my body. Is it my age? Lol - I decided to hide in my cooler cave and focus on strength training and some more #roadtorecovery units. 

Just keep it moving. 

I know myself best. 
I'm a beast when it comes to working out and I can't sit still, when I could actually be outside running and enjoying this beautiful light. That's why I love running during summer (the only reason...). 
This morning, I sat down to rethink about our mechanism during the warmer days - running is not completely out of sight...I just need to remember and take care of certain things and then it'll be fine. 

Also now I'm off  from work again, I am super flexible to workout early early in the morning. 

Maybe I will conquer back my summer of running. 
Maybe I will be braver than last year. 
Maybe I will be a lover of the heat. 
We shall see. 

Now. If you want to join me for a summer run - let's check our list! 

1. CLOTHES. Wear the right gear: Not too many clothes and make sure the stuff you wear is able to let a lot of air inside out! Say no to your tightest stuff, even if you want to look sexy... The more loose, the better! Also make sure to wear brighter colors, so the sun light is faster absorbed. Grab a hat to also protect your head and help your eyes out with some sunglasses. 
2. HYDRATION. Before your run: drink. During your run: drink. After your run: drink! Rather drink too much than being dehydrated!
3. GRAB SOMEONE. When you don't feel motivated enough, ask yo friend! Take your best friend out to enjoy a beautiful run together to catch up and share the pain! Also when someone else is around, you are always safe, just in case you feel dizzy and you have to stop. Bring a lot of water along!
4. CHEW ON SOME MINT. I noticed that during my last performances mint totally cooled me down! My breathing wasn't as heavy as it used to be and also it cools me down! I take a bunch of mint leaves with me when I hit the streets and I also enjoy chewing them during the run...I press one leaf on the roof of my mouth and enjoy the fresh scent. If you don't have fresh mint around, peppermint oil is also pretty good to be used! Put some on your neck or rub it under your nose....
5. ICE IT UP. Too hot already? Take a towel or scarf and make them wet! Then, put some ice in it. The towel can easily be put around your neck... the scarf, too, or you wrap it around your head! The ice will be melt in a minute I guess, but with the wetness of the fabric, the cold will be stored for a little bit and together with the air that comes while running, you feel like you are carrying an AC with you! Perfect! 
6. IT'S ALL A MATTER OF TIME. Choose dem early mornings over the evenings! In the morning, there's still a fresh breeze around and the sun isn't shining like crazy yet!

Did I forget to mention something? 
Well, if you really can't make it out there... don't be too hard on yourself. You are a human being. The heat isn't made for everyone! Protect your body and take care of yourself first! You matter.

Do some workouts at home and enjoy some extra ice cream afterwards! 

Happy sweating! ~~