8:46 PM I recently talked to my girl in NYC and we discussed about the different seasons in which one is able work out. I am not the biggest fan of summer and I also stated this in many other posts before... I dislike working out in the summer! There is something calming to me running in the colder months — I always took a looong break as soon summer arrived. Super wrong, but I'm a cry baby. 

During summer I feel dizzy often, I got headaches, and this uber sweating is just annoying! During the colder months I just freeze a little bit — to me, a better deal! Until the day I ran when it was 36°C outside. I decided to not miss summer and wake up super early to enjoy the fresh breeze and the first sunrays! 
Running before 6/7am is a dream! This year I am laughing at myself. I find it the most normal thing to do summer workouts, no matter what time, what temperature, and what kind of activity. My weekly workouts in the park with so many strangers is one of my highlights so far (I love my city for that). 
I am joining this free yoga and body fit classes which are so satisfying but also challenging! From milder spring days, to hot summer days, and thunderstorm with rain medlies — I witnessed it all. I love seeing my body staying strong though and not finding any excuses to not workout - whatever happens! Summer feels good right now. 
I hope I can continue to spend my summer like this!

How's your routine during the hot days? 

*By the way...we are still running for the oceans! The adidas x runtastic running month is stil going on...together we can raise awareness until July 8th!