10:08 PM I already said it on Twitter yesterday – June feels like a food month on OFF COLOR and I apologize if you don't vibe with this! Currently, I just enjoy writing about food a lot! It's not only interesting to explore all the food out there, but also being active challenged me to rethink about food! When I started to workout more and run, I studied what all the other athletes would eat! What's good runners fuel? What stuff should I rather dismiss? 
I was scared. I panicked — this is not me. Drinking green smoothies all day, being vegan, and eating puréed dates and cashews, because oh em gee, it's so much better than anything else. Let me exaggerate here... 
IG is not the real deal. 

I already consumed many healthy products and there are days during my week which scream loudly for plant based dinner or such - I'm cool with it! Running for a longer time now gave me access to so much food out there! My curiosity lead me to things which I never thought to eat once in a lifetime. And I am not done yet. (this also includes aaaall the sweet treats out there). Here, my brain stops me once in a while (or when I eat too much candy) and tells me to eat more healthy stuff, stop with all the candy! I check the fridge and I scroll a bit on IG later to seek inspiration and motivation.
Yes, everyone is right. I see all the healthy people celebrating their acai bowl as if they won a free pizza. Ok, ok. My workouts are hard and all this work shouldn't be a waste of time. "I will start a hardcore diet tomorrow," I tell myself.

The good thing is that I can stick to those silly diets, even though the first week is killing me. Fact is, I hate diets. I hate limiting myself and I hate explaining everyone why I don't eat this and why I rather eat this. It's frustrating! I experimented a lot in the kitchen — eating this and eating that. Eating the OG or trying an upgraded healthier version. There were many days where I chose the healthier option (not because of my diet) because the flavor was richer and I love freshly produced things! I felt good eating semi healthy, semi not so healthy until I had another attack a couple of weeks ago.

Summer is approaching and the bikini body isn't ready! Maybe I should do a crazy diet like everyone else does just throughout summer?! I took it as a challenge — no pressue, it will be fine. Here, I completely turned my brain off. I said I am against diets. I don't want to do any!!! My toxic brain ignored my signals. I shared it on IG and was beyond stoked. 

I got my veggies and fruits and swallowed. This is going to be a tough first week! After day 1, I was hangry. Did I mention that I am a mood eater? Horrible. I also have many excuses to eat... hormones, sadness, being tired, overworked, seeking inspiration, haha! I eat whenever I want and especially FEEL to! I ate some chocolate pudding (I had to) which is basically a cocoa flavored avocado mash — the perfecrt balance between healthy and "dirty treat". That was the moment when I realized that no matter which diet I would start, it would make no sense! Diets never make sense — we have to recreate them: better! 

My solution was mindful eating. A new way of eating in my world. I am off limits — I can eat whatever I feel like, with the only difference that I am being mindful about my choices. Example: a piece of chocolate cake — no problem, there are plenty other choices. Add fruit here to calm down cravings. How about a chocolate banana bread? Or how about pancakes? I love them! Use oatmeal or buckwheat instead of the usual flour! Add spices which are good for the gut and your system — cinnamon, turmeric, matcha, the list is long! I will definitely share a realistic food plan with y'all very soon, if you are interested. This is just for you to get the idea. 

"Mindful 28" was the perfect challenge for me to train my body to learn about healthier options. This means a lot of cooking and testing, but this journey is more than fun! Believe me! A body needs 21 days to learn a new habit, I gave my body 28 days to get used to it and I succeeded I would say. I have no bad feelings when I eat my pizza or crazy carbs - I feel good, because when this craving is satisfied I am normally going back to healthier options, because they actually taste better. I eat really bad things in between and it's so refreshing to see my body not being tired and fatigue when I cheat! I also want to add that I work out at least 4 times a week! I guess my body would look different without any physical movement.

I am just happy to have found this way of eating for me! You are invited to join me — create your own rules and find your happiness in balanced food which causes you less stress and more positive vibes!