11:13 PM There I was…in a little snacky mood in my hotel room in NYC. All my travel snacks were already eaten and I wasn’t in the mood to eat my third pizza slice – I actually came to try ALL of it! All the Food! Since it was only a craving for a tiny snack, I decided to go on a Whole Foods shopping trip in my Nolita neighborhood, not 2 minutes away from me. “At Whole Foods,” I told myself, “everything is healthy… snacking at Whole Foods is not even a sin…it’s like a workout or such!”
I have to admit that I am still a bit naïve when it comes to healthy snacking! I don’t want to be too healthy, but I also want to fuel my body right. Sometimes, my body just wins and I have to eat a spoon of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, because I deserve it… I don’t know why, but it feels right. “I can continue working out tomorrow…” I mostly face this scenario during the colder months… During summer, healthy snacking is no problem – so weird. 

Anyways, at Whole Foods I slowly became hangry and I couldn’t decide if I should eat like crazy or be nice and behave with the help of a tiny half bad / half nutrient Dessert. Until I reached the popcorn shelf… 
I am not the biggest popcorn fan – I only eat it at the movies, but hey, this selection was crazy. Do the popcorn shelves always look like this? Since when are there so many flavors around? I was intrigued! My first eye contact happened with Pipcorn’s Berry Chill – very interesting packaging and I loved the name. 
Berry chill…wait? Are there berries inside? Is it popped fruit? Who mixes fruit and popcorn? I decided to bring the popcorn with me back to my home. I bought that one and another Rebbl drink. 

Back on my bed, I couldn’t wait to open the bag… believe me, I never had such an exciting popcorn experience! The smell was pretty good – typical popcorn scent with a little sweet and fruity dust in the air. I went all in – put as much popcorn in my hands as possible and put them straight to my mouth – I wanted to taste it all in the first second. Remember…I was hangry. I needed food. 

Uhhh, I loved the flavor. I loved simply everything! I checked the bag. There are no berries. No dried fruits, no nothing. Just popcorn. Normal popcorn added by berry dust covered popcorn – big and little. And guess what? Who would have thought that this combination is so good! I actually planned to keep this snack at least for two days…it’s the perfect snack for in between or a little treat in the evening, when you behaved nice throughout the day. Well…I wanted to keep it until my last day, to always have a tiny highlight….unfortunately, I ate the bag the same evening I got it.

Damn. I want to eat this forever! 
Best best best popcorn out there! Not sticky and too hard….chewy, crispy, descent sweet. Just the way I want my popcorn to be! 

Thanks to my stomach for guiding me!