8:24 PM Hi June, good to see ya! I am so excited to be welcoming June! So many great days ahead of us and summer is here to be enjoyed to the fullest! Do you smell all the sweet and juicy fruits? Ahhh...I couldn't be happier! On June 8th, we celebrate World Ocean Day again - to me, one of the most important days of the year. Since I am fighting for our oceans and anti plastic pollution, I love to celebrate these days to raise more awareness around the globe. 

I also love seeing people (especially new people who are interested in this topic) creating events or little actions to help saving our dear oceans!
Last year, Parley and adidas were hosting a fantastic running event in New York! The community, ocean fighters, and running lovers connected to run for the oceans! Even better was the fact that everyone in the world could join! With the help of runtastic, one was able to track the miles one was running and adidas created a platform where everyone could see how many ks were run and how many people participated! 

What I loved the most last year is not only the fact that so many people from anywhere joined to raise awareness and sweat for the oceans, but also adidas and runtastic created a dope podcast or mix especially for the ocean run! When I was in New York in April, I found the file on my Ipod again - I totally forgot about it. The last time I listened to it was last June...too bad! The mix was so great - a lot of information and good vibes to run to!

You know I am always down to write something about the oceans and plastic pollution here... now that the first running event was so cool and successful, I am excited to tell you that this year, adidas and Parley will continue a special running experience throughout the month! 
If you are interested in joining in New York or running internationally, make sure to check out all the info here

I wanted to create something special, too! 

On June 8th, I want you to head outside and run for the oceans with me! There is no limit - 1k, 2k, 3k, 20k - your world, your rules! Make sure to register your run via runtastic so adidas will definitely reach its goal to donate a lot of money to Parley #fortheoceans! 

I give you a second option. If you don't want to download an app just for a day and force yourself to run a lot, then take it easy and move however you want to move that day! If you feel like you want to ride your bike, then please jump on your bike and enjoy a smooth ride! 
Afterwards, when you are done, I would be happy if you'd take a look at my fundraise for the oceans! It's still open and I am always happy about any donations for my dearest blue waters! 

Are you ready to take care for the oceans? Cherish them and do anything to save them for our future?
Without the oceans, we can't survive. There's no life... 

Who's joining me?