4:48 PM Where are all my book nerds? It’s time for a new edition of the OFF COLOR book club! It’s summer time and many people already plan their vacations which also includes having the perfect literature at the pool or beach. I get it…
I love picking books for special occasions, but for now, I don’t want to share another novel or biography with you (I might treat you with this later…), today I want to spread the word that it’s time to introduce something (kind of) new to the book club! 

I said it once before… we read ANYTHING here: cookbooks, novels, self-help books, philosophy, whatever is out there! One of my latest addition to my book shelf is a workout book which should give me extra inspiration for my yoga practice! Also I was so curious to check this book out – I needed to have it when I saw it on Instagram!

For July, we will study Y7’s “We Flow Hard” yoga book! 

Okay… that sounds weird. 
No, actually not. I love pushing boundaries and I love to educate myself! I still don’t understand yoga and I bet I do many poses super wrong! Until now, I haven’t visited the yoga studio of my dreams where they play hip hop (Y7 I love you for that!!), but with this book, I imagine myself participating at a chill NYC yoga experience! Who doesn’t like that? 

At home, I got the chance to do every exercise at my own pace and I can repeat how many times I want to and no one is watching! I’m not the most flexible person and I feel weird doing some poses which I can’t perform right… I hope my study of the “We Flow Hard” bible will change this! 

Let’s study yoga together. Working on our moves, our balance, our flexibility, and maybe also our love for something which can be a pain in the butt sometimes. 
Sweat connects. Let’s connect and elevate each other! 
Choose your favorite hip hop beats while reading and practicing this – I hope we can motivate and inspire each other! 

From July 1st, I will surely share my impressions, ideas, thoughts, and emotional roller coasters on any social media channel I am at! If you feel that you need any help or a motivation to stick through the whole process, make sure to just write me! I am always around ~ 
Catch me via mail, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Remember: we do this together!

I hope you have fun with this new book club (sounds like a little active challenge of mine, huh?) Get your copy here ~