1:02 PM A week ago I was finally able to visit Frankfurt to spend some special hours at their beautiful art museum! I really enjoy going there, because sometimes they really exhibit the coolest stuff. When I heard about their Basquiat exhibition, I was so excited to go! I MEAN IT'S BASQUIAT! Unfortunately, I was so busy that I made it there 4 days before the exhibition was closing, haha.

I am an art freak myself — you might know it, and also I am a passionate Basquiat lover! I always loved what he did and especially brought to the NYC art Scene. I watched so many videos about him, read all the words, and in school I did several presentations on Samo, Basquiat, and an extraordinary artist.
I came with some knowledge, Frankfurt. 

I paid my 12€ and I was totally excited when I saw the first painting when I entered the room. Everything was dark. The rooms were full of people — every age was checking out Basquiat, pretty cool. At certain stops, one could listen to some great hip hop beats, or Basquiat's voice reading things, or little screens presented Basquiat's daily life and his friends such as Andy Warhol. It was set up pretty inviting, but somehow it was not fulfilling me. 

I knew a lot of the stuff already, but all in all it was great seeing some or my favorite paintings live. I just felt something was missing….

I was happy that the exhibition actually started with a full hall of SAMO sprayings! And I loved to see books and music which inspired Jean-Michel to create... I filmed a lot for you, so I don't want to tell you everything before you checked out the video!

For the people who love to see his work and enjoy his art as much as I do, this is for you! If you don't know Basquiat, get ready for massive inspiration!