9:57 PM Today I find myself doing so many things at the same time… this post is a bit late now, but it might be a great good night story before you go to bed. Where shall I start? I am happy to write About New York again. My home. 

There are still so many places I haven’t seen, tasted, or touched yet – my time is always little and I tend to get lost with my pizza, there’s no room for other diamonds. Via Instagram, I got to know Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton and I was in love with her being! Not only is she a very beautiful charismatic woman, but also a fashionable business babe! I heard about her latest store concept and I was more than intrigued. I basically started following everything she does and I was so hyped to see Chill House coming alive. 

The worst thing for me is always seeing people posting that they hang out at Cyndi’s place and I still have to wait to go and check it out myself. I needed to change it. 
This April, I finally had the chance to conquer Chill House – I was more than ready. I waited until my last two days in Manhattan to go and see Chill House. 

I actually planned to breakfast there or such… I lived at the Bowery, so Essex was only a jump away from my bed. I guess that’s why I love Nolita! The café was close, but unfortunately, I was such a douchebag and passed the café twice before I noticed that I should stop and enter! A ombré peachy-white place welcomes you. I was “shocked” how tiny this place was, but I didn’t care any further. I just wanted to go inside and feel the vibes. 

I came to chill! 

Inside, I cared further. Yeah…it is small, crazy small in here. I was lucky, the place was packed and my chill vibes stressed me a bit... I felt more than nervous and anxious - that's how I react to stress. Nevermind. 
In my mind I was fantasizing – is Cyndi here today? Oh man, I wish I could see her. She’s a great role model and such a cool person (if you don’t follow her…do it now). 
I looked around and checked out the interior – totally my thing! The concept of the place is something so simple, but it’s a genius idea to realize it – and it’s so NYC. Everyone is busy in the Big Apple and everyone is stressed. Who doesn’t want to look good here and then? 

Isn’t it a sweet thing to treat oneself once in a while and get a little spa routine to calm down and recharge again?

Chill House combines all your dirty fantasies of relaxing, sipping coffee, and getting your beauty fix on. This is even more than just a little chill session that you squeeze in your busy day and between meetings. Cyndi created a beautiful place for any person out there to get a beautiful manicure, while sipping some satisfying coffee and to finish off you can also get the jackpot and enjoy a sweet massage. I mean this doesn’t mean that you have to be extra to go there… this is a retreat EVERY lovebird should get every now and then. Why not? Taking care of the body is #1 – that’s why I was also curious to check this place out. In Germany, I could never imagine seeing such a place.

I really wanted to treat myself this day, but since it was so crowded, I decided to just buy some of the famous Chill House blends. I will soon talk about this further…but for now: wow – I’m in love! This is definitely a good start at Chill House! You can get your own Chill House moments for your home or how about treating your friends? 

Chill House got crazy potential and I know that my second visit will be off the chain! I just want you to know…if you are around Essex and Nolita, make sure to go and visit! You are missing out! 

Cyndi – you are my NYC queen! I love you for creating this holy but yet so stylish temple of chill!

For those who want to learn how to chill right, read the Chill Times – the best online resource on wellness and a healthy lifestyle (next to Off Color, of course) by Cyndi and her awesome team! Follow the link here

Chill House, 149 Essex  St. ($)

I hope you enjoy World Ocean Day today! 
Stay off the plastic, lovebirds ~