7:11 AM Today I have an early morning post for you...maybe the perfect thing to start the day! I like to start the day with a clear mindset and a mantra which helps me being as positive as I can be throughout the day! 

Today is World Environment Day - why don't we use these early morning hours to be a bit more mindful?

Mindful about our Mother Nature and the stuff that surrounds us. Take a look around. Our environment is changing and we are actually a huge part of this happening... 

You don't have to be a crazy eco-person, but I want you to get in touch with nature again! Learn more about the things we always take for granted. Can we actually do something to maintain our beloved environment? How can we help endangered animals? How can we save our oceans? How can we keep our climate stable? There are many things to start researching about! How about today? 

What will you do today?

*feel free to print the picture above

7:46 PM After starting the day with some sweet love for our Mother Nature - I want to add something to this post! At the beginning of the post you can see an army full of cups! One of the things which threatens our dear nature the most are plastic cups and everything we love to get from our beloved coffee houses! I am not saying that coffee is bad - I am talking about the packaging... 
Now that the to-go coffee is a settled habit in our lifestyles, there are so many green helpers that make us enjoy our pleasure with no bad feelings! (To be honest...many people who get their to-go coffee actually don't care about their extra plastic consume) - I do care and you should, too! 

I know it's hard to take care of the oceans, saying no to plastic and live a greener lifestyle. 

The easiest way to start is to say good-bye to straws and plastic cups - a habit which we can support with so many green tools, we don't acutally realize that we are taking care of Mother Nature. 

When I visited Berlin a couple of weeks ago, I was in strong mood for coffee, but unfortunately, I forgot my tumbler for my short 23h trip (find my Berlin trip here). Luckily, Berlin's Starbucks still sold the reusable cup and for 2,50€ I was more than curious to try this fellow! 
More and more coffee houses start rebuilding their coffee cups or they (at least) offer different alternatives which help saving our planet! I am more than down for this! 
Today and every other day I am not using plastic cups anymore... I am always motivating you to do the same! Get Starbucks' new, reusable cup, get tumblers, bamboo cups, invest in anything that doesn't scream plastic. IT'S SO WORTH IT! 

Please start caring ~ If you can do this, you can do anything! 

Thank you!
Our oceans will thank you, too ~