5:11 PM I write this post with a happy and a teary eye. Running is big part of my life and I don't want to miss it. I hate being off because of injuries or such, but it happens here and then. When I shared my last #dearrunning post, I told you about my crazy running experience from Africa. Tropical climate, crazy weather conditions, and the most beautiful scenery to run! A couple of weeks later, I had to pause. I couldn't run further, because my knee pain drove me nuts. I didn't know what it is and I was scared to not be able to run anymore... I just stopped. 

After two weeks of no running, I thought I go crazy. I was in such a good routine, I had a great rhythm, and my body was not planning to stop right here. My heart hurt. 

I calmed down and told myself that it's time to continue with a new edition of #roadtorecovery. Something must be wrong with my running or my body - is it a mental issue? I still don't know. I just did what I can do best - recover! Back to massaging, oils, a lot of stretching, and love. Loving my body...telling my bones and my muscles that everything is going to be fine. 
My mind is still struggling with off-times. It's hard to adjust. 

April and May was super packed for me, so I was actually beyond happy that my focus drifted a bit. Every Wednesday, I join my sister and a friend working out in the park (such a cool program from my city) which became my weekly highlight! Week after week passed, and I finally find pleasure in strength training! Yoga is still crazy hard for me, but I want to train on all the muscles which I usually ignore because of running! My current state of mind is super positive! Yessss. 

June began and my heart was beating a bit faster! Firstly, summer is finally here and all I wish is running in the early AMs or late PMs in my shortest shorts. Then, I realized that June is actually THE RUNNING MONTH of the year... with global running day (today) and ocean day (this Friday) I am so happy to have my two favorite things combined: running and mi oceans
On Friday, Run For The Oceans is happening and I hope you join this global movement!

I said to myself that this day will be my comeback day! I don't want to wait any longer... my knee feels okay and I want to contribute and fight for my oceans actively! You feel me... 

This week, my #roadtorecovery preparation is getting really serious! Beet root juice, oil therapy, massive stretching and cool-downs, some extra mint - and enough sleep! I can't wait to kiss the asphalt again! I never felt so excited about running!! 

How's your running doing? 
Happy Global Running Day!