9:27 PM Um. To be honest... I'm not in the mood to write this post today. I just feel sad. So sad about the shocking news this week. 

After Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain killed himself. Anthony's death touched me and it flavored my mood today. I'm shocked about the news and I'm shocked that it hit me so hard! I love(d) this guy! Shit, I can't believe it. 

But hey... the show must go on. 

I would like to talk about it soon on OFF COLOR... For now, let's focus on this. 

Time for another review — how can this be going so fast? It might be possible that some of you even missed the challenge since it was only a short sweat session of 2 weeks. It was fun, but I'm happy it only lasted 2 weeks, haha.

With #allthewayup I created the first plank challenge for me and you... I was a bit naive and too motivated to think that anything active would suit me and my preferances when it comes to sweating. I used to hate yoga until I did several challenges where I learned to like it! I was hoping the same for planks... Planks and burpees are the enemy

I can't do them well and I refuse to every workout... My yoga moves don't impress much yet and I know that I definitely need more power in my arms — that's when I decided to do a challenge which has to deal with something I feel uncomfortable with! "Planking isn't that bad... my core will also benefit from this," I said to myself. 

And then it already started. I checked the plan again — we go from a few low-key seconds to four minutes. 
One deep breath. 
Can I do it? 
Yeah. I could. 

The first 3,4 days, it was the easiest and then I just wanted to cry! Let's play the usual game... you can pick your own input by reading only the qs & as you want to read instead scrolling through a super long text!

How was the challenge?: It was a good idea, nice planning, and also something that gets me out of my comfort zone...buuut at the end it was tough for me! I am not a 3 or 4 minute planker! I accepted my challenge, but succeeding was hard. 

To be honest...: It was a silly idea and I still hate planks, haha. 

What did I like?: Well. I like my stubborn attitude to try anything active which actually doesn't bring pleasure along. I liked the happy vibes in the beginning when I realized that planks aren't that bad as long as they are under 2 minutes! In general, I just love the vibes of a new challenge approaching! 

What did I dislike?: You know my answer. Week 2. Also we are having summer already in Germany... It's warm all day (especially in my apartment beneath the roof...) — what no one knows is that I struggle with super sweaty hands here and then. A room temperature of 28°C and sweaty body parts isn't nice during a plank! Especially during the 3,4 minute planks I was slipping away! That's just annoying! 

Any tips? Was there something I would change if I had to do it again?: My first tip would be take your time — don't just take yourself 20 secs time, because the plan says so. Do a little warm-up or cool-down and end it with the plank! With this, your body is warm and prepared to work right! Also get comfortable! I told you that you can go with any plank you'd like to! If it's not comfortable for you, get yourself extra cushion. I should put an extra towel beneath my hands to have a better and more dry performance. Changing? I would stretch the challenge and make it last 4 weeks so it's easier to get used to 4 minutes of planking! 2 weeks can really be insane. 

Why do I do such challenges even though I hate certain exercises?: I am an active lovebird. I'm a runner! I loooove challenges and I love learning to love things which I actually hate! I also love to use "being a runner" as an excuse to not do other things! Running is enough for me... it's actually not true! I do some core exercises here and then and I do yoga, but I totally ignore my back, my posture, my arms... it was time to focus on them for a little bit! 

What do I take from this challenge?: Inspiration and tears. I guess I will invest in some training gloves soon!! But for now I feel happy...and deeply inspired. Another high five with my angry workout monster which shows me that anything can be done! Oh yeah, I sucked and did not succeed in week two. But by deciding to actually do a challenge like this, shows that my mind was ready! My body might need some more training, but mentally I was fully there!

Do I see any results?: It depends. I kind of feel stronger, but it might be placebo, haha. I definitely believe that my mind benefited from this training a lot, too, so yeah I see results. I feel strong and good! 

How do you feel? Did you participate? Are you good with planks or do you have any tips? Please share your stories!!
I hope this challenge was fun and you enjoyed it at least a little bit — just like me. Do you have any wishes when it comes to the next challenge? Share some inspiration ~

 Thanks for joining, lovebirds!

*Picture via Y7