2:13 PM In October, when I enjoyed a super cozy fall in New York, I planned a romantic dinner with my girl Sam! We haven't seen each other for a while and I knew about her food preferences, so I wanted to eat something vegan with her! 
I read so much about by CHLOE., but somehow I never happened to go there. I'm glad I waited, so I could go there with Sam. (If you are interested in reading my by CHLOE. review, check it out right here).

I was so excited to eat there, even though I "only went with a normal salad" - guess I was wrong. This was the best salad I ever had!! The freshness, the flavors, my first glazed tempeh - so many highlights and so many firsts. I went with the spicy thai salad and I was surprised about the crunchy thing on top - something crazy I never had before. Is it a taco? A fried bread? There were little pieces on top which were a perfect crunchy element of the salad...I went home with this fantasy in my head and I said to my sister that I need to recreate this experience for's life changing, haha. 

A week later, I googled, re-read by CHLOE.'s menu and there it was. Silly me. The mysterious things are wonton chips!! I'm in heaven! 
I went to my go-to Asian supermarket, bought wonton dough and when my sister came to hang out, I kidnapped her to my kitchen to show her how awesome this is. 

I was surprised how easy it goes and when we did the first taste test, I was almost crying! It tasted the same way...just like in NYC! Thanks by CHLOE., for making this nasty dream come true! 

Have you ever tested by CHLOE.'S and the spicy thai salad? If not, dear salad lovers, please add this to your summer salad parties! Once you tried this, you never want to go back to boring croutons in your salad! Xie xie, Asian cuisine, for your satisfying doughs ~


YOU NEED 20-30 wonton wrappers (the package I got was filled with around 70 wonton wrappers in the shape of a square - decide for yourself how much crispy deliciousness you want for your salad) + oil for frying + sea salt 

1. As I mentioned above, it's really up to you how many wonton wrappers you will use. Think about your you want a little topping? Do you eat by yourself, or are you cooking for more than two people? If 20-30 wonton wrappers aren't enough, add more! My package of 70 wrappers was perfectly divided for four crispy parties! 
2. Take your wonton wrappers and cut consistent stripes along (approx. 1/2 inch wide). The wrappers already enjoy a floury surface, so they won't stick when you put them aside. Make sure to loosen them up, so they can soon fry perfectly from each side. 
3. Prepare a saucepan with 2-3 Cups of oil and heat it up. 
4. Set a plate ready with a kitchen paper to soak in the oil from the wonton wrappers later. 
5. Is the oil hot yet? (Check if a toothpick is surrounded by bubbles when you dip it in the oil) Now throw the first batch of wontons in the oil. Let it fry until it swims on the surface in the most beautiful golden tone. Repeat until all the wontons are fried. 
6. Let the finished wontons rest on your prepared plate and make sure to coat the crispy pieces with a pinch of sea salt. 
7. Eat them right away, put them on top of your salad, or enjoy them as a super sexy snack! 

This is quiet easy and I guess no one will have problems with this recipe! 
It's a shame that I didn't know about this earlier. I really don't want to miss this recipe in my life! I'm actually craving it again right about you? 

Happy salad season! ~