9:41 PM I talk so much about sustainability and a more green lifestyle, but maybe there are people out there who don't understand a single thing I am talking about. 
I know it's hard in the beginning to transform or adopt to new things, because they are all unusual or odd to us...that's normal. But with a little help or especially guides, the beginning can be so much easier. 

I struggled in the beginning. 
Investing into new things is exhausting and also depending where you live, the access to certain things can be difficult, too. I shopped a lot of things online or directly in New York, because my city here is super behind... 
I still don't own a lot, but I got my basics which help me survive. 

To not have a chaotic transition, one of the most important things to me was to build a sustainable shopping and going outside uniform, because that's a thing which happens on a daily. 
I often catch myself buying myself a coke, because I run out of water...maybe that day my reusable bottle is at home or I forgot it at work... it happens. At Starbucks, I get myself a matcha latte, but I forgot to bring my sustainable spoon or straw...I don't want to take their plastic cutlery.
These are normal scenarios, but I don't want to find silly excuses to maintain these happenings. I want to be prepared. Better prepared. 

I now carry tons of bags with me, my metal water bottle, my coffee tumbler (if I am in need of coffee showers), cutlery such as a spoon, a knife, and a straw, a lunchbox with packed lunch inside (I am always hungry and I rather eat my stuff from at home than creating more waste) and sometimes I also have a reusable snackbag with me where I carry my dried fruits and nuts with me. It sounds a lot, but it's not... it's not even heavy and my backpack has enough space to welcome all of my sustainable pieces. 

Now that I just got back from Berlin yesterday, I was just thinking about my usual sustainable uniform... For my trip, I left my coffee tumbler at home, because I knew that the events that I attended were treating me with enough coffee, still I needed an extra shot in the evening when I drove home! Instead of saying yes to a plastic cup, I got myself Starbuck's reusable cup for 2,50€ which made me feel happy, but I also realized that I forgot my silicone straw at home... damn. It was all in my shopping bag at home...

I am never organized and somehow I always forget something. Writing down my essentials is the perfect reminder for me today to maybe prep all my bags with a little uniform, so I never feel bad. 
Don't worry, if you are not carrying all this with yourself. 

Think about your own lifestyle. What do you need and what do you like? Get your things and throw them in your backpack, handbag, or whatever you use! 

Maybe you also take some extra things with you to work, so you don't have any trouble no matter where you are... 

Here I got a little selection which will support you no matter where you are and what you do. No matter if you are a busy working person, a hunter during shopping fun, or even a mama with a full timetable...there's plenty you can cover yourself with and have a stress-free life with a green bow on top! Enjoy this guide ~ 

Happy weekend! 

Shopping bags 1, 2 / Reusable bag Baggu / Net string bag / Soap Dr Bronner / Cutlery Snow Peak / Mason Ball Jars / Snack Box Joseph Joseph / Steel straw / Bottle S'well / Fruit protectors Food Huggers / Lunch box 1, 2 / Glass bottle bkr / for the babies and mamas drink options 1, 2 / Reusable cups Aqua / Straw lids Boon Snug