6:02 PM I am still sick (I have never had a cold in May before!!) but I am celebrating the beautiful light outside! It's sunny, the air is pretty warm, and the sky is shiny blue - all the good things for your heart! 
Now I only need to be healthy again, grab some ice cream, and dance outside on the streets! 
My best buddy for this summer season might be my Outdoor Voices sports bra - time to show these pretty workout fellows, lovebirds! As you could see in my favorites post - I am all about sport bras this season. I got plenty now in many colors, so I can always create a cool outfit which makes me less sweat and breathe better at the same time. 

Combine them with your favorite joggers, shorts, denims, or wear it under your dress - the world is yours!

What's your favorite sports bra brand? Any model you can't live without? 
I really recommend Outdoor Voices! They know how to do their job ~ Thanks for making me look cute this summer, OV! 

Girls, braid your hair, show some skin and enjoy every second outside! Happy warm season ~ 

* some of my favorite sports bras for you to enjoy this season to the fullest