8:27 PM I love talking about food lately...actually always. But this is a not a food blog, haha. I like to share my knowledge when it comes to a healthier lifestyle...or if you want to start feeding your body with the good stuff. One thing or topic which you will cross very often then, is the discussion about fruit. Fruit contains a lot of sugar...one fruit more than the other...does it mean that I am limited to eat certain sweet treats even if they are "sold as healthy friends"?
I know there's a lot confusion about this, so today we will have a little real talk about it.

There's nothing more organic than a juicy fruit fresh out of Mother Nature's fertile soil – it can't get fresher or more organic than that! The magazines tell us that one shall rather eat an apple than the tempting bag full of m&ms... Kids' lunch boxed are packed with fruits: dried or fresh, because it's better than a slice of pizza or cookies. You get the message...you know the story. Go through a typical day of yours. What do you normally eat? What can be changed? I guess there are many people who say "You know what, in the evening I'll just go with an apple or banana, a piece of fruit, which is better than chips or unhealthy snacks. It's normal that we think of fruits first when we think about healthier food options. Fruits are convenient, no need to prepare anything, just eat and enjoy it. Et voilà. I recently discussed smoothies and its healthy hacks... I discussed also sweet fruits, for example bananas which are sweeter the longer they rest in the kitchen. It happens, bananas ripe super fast. Some people refuse to eat bananas as soon as they turn brown, because they got too many calories then... Sooner or later, people really start to think about the sugar content... it's okay, it's good to think about the food one consumes, but don't overthink everything. As soon as one starts thinking about glucose, fructose, and sucrose, food isn't fun anymore. The chemical terms make it more complicated, so I don't know if I should dig deeper here... How about talking about fruits in general? If you ever wondered what fruits are packed with, it's fiber, vitamins, antioxodants, and water. Many of them also have a significant chewing resistance which makes them harder to digest, (for example apples) but with this, the fructose is being carried away less fast in our blood stream than if one would eat a chocolate bar. So what's the deal now? Well, so far we learned that fruits are awesome! They will always be! Don't eliminate them out of your life, even if you are against sugar... Yes, too much fruit is not the best option — many experts suggest to have the right amount of fruits during the day (don't eat fruits only!!!), but we are all invited to enjoy them! When it comes to fruits, we have many options...fresh whole fruits, fruit juices, and dried fruits. Don't be confused here or think about it too much: everything is actually better than fruit juice and dried fruits (yes, I praised my dried mangoes in my last post...). No matter how you feel — fruits are always always always better than chocolate. If you mix a smoothie pleeeease say good-bye to fruit juices — they are way too sugary for us. Use fresh fruit juice!! Yes, it's that easy. Fruit juice bye bye and aloha fruits and dried fruits! Both — IN MODERATION. But if you can choose go and pick the fresher product! Maybe you feel like me, you snack too much and chocolate is your sexy friend, have your dried fruits. You see my point? Dried fruits surely got sugar...but they fulfill me and I never eat a whole bag...maybe a quarter? When it comes to my candy, I eat it all! At the end of the day, I'm happy, and my body, too! I eat one banana every day, snack on my dried fruits 3-4 times a week, and sometimes I'll have one more piece of fruit in the evening. Last week, I had three mangoes in three days. Was that bad! I have no extra pound, and my mood was beyond awesome, I didn't even need extra happiness chocolate. Victoryyy ~ If you are one of the people who are on a strict diet where they only eat fruits, but you see no weight loss, make sure to cut your fruit consume down. Add more proteins, fat, and greens! Give your body some balance! The rest out there who's just wondering about fruit sugar — keep going! It's good that you think about it — that's the motto: mindful eating! Choose your fruits, eat the right amount, and be happy! Let me sum it up for you one more time: cut down your fruit intake if your motzo is fruit 24/7, always choose fresh fruits, eat in moderation, eat dried fruits here and then, ban canned fruits and fruits juices! That makes sense, right? Go with the flow, lovebirds, fruit won't kill us! What's your favorite?