New York City, New York, USA

8:02 PM Going to New York, I had no idea what to pack really. In Germany, we were already enjoying summer-like temperatures, but inside, I was scared that New York might be hit by another snow storm - you never know. I packed two jackets and an emergency sweater - just in case! I was ready for a sexy spring in New York (mentally). 

Truth be first breath in New York was awful, haha. Here I was freaking cold and all I wanted to do was scream out loud! I told myself to deal with is what it is, so I kept on walking.
I walked along 6th Ave and admired all the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming on the bare trees while the coldest air kissed my face! I was confused, but hey, it could be worse. I loved how all the beautiful spring colors painted such a pretty picture - it was mad inspiring. Unfortunately, I couldn't ignore the cold. I never thought New York's spring would be so fucked up. 
I layered my clothes and wrapped myself up like a burrito - you will laugh when you see my video diary...

Luckily, this cold front was moving away super soon and I could finally enjoy the most beautiful summer tasting days in the Big Apple. People dressed semi-naked, everyone was sipping on their iced lattes, and you could see good vibes throughout the city. That's all I asked for. 

Jaja, being too cheesy here, we all know that something has to happen now. The situtaion should change again...on Monday, my last day in New York. 
The whole night it was raining, it was crazy. 

The rain hammered against the windows and it felt like there was no end. Unfortunately, I still needed to go outside and get myself a breakfast before I leave Manhattan. I wanted to check out one more Chinese bakery...because hands down, those places treat you with the best snacks and breakfast out there. There was no other way for me, than going outside and check my to-do list without any loss. 
I covered myself in thousands of layers, since I had no umbrella with me and walked down to China Town. Walking along the street, I thought that this isn't too bad...
When I got to the bakery and started looking around for my breakfast, I noticed how soaked I was. I mean everything was wet...
"Okay, this is bad," I thought. 

I hurried back to my hotel, because I didn't want to end up in a monsoon or such. I looked besides me and the city was quiet empty - the people who had to go to work walked their way, but it felt like the rest stayed at safe places, because this right here didn't look safe. 
Once again, I surveyed my body. I laughed at myself...I looked to funny and all wet - what a great day!

This reminded me of the day two years ago, when I met my friend in Tribeca, when afterwards, on my way back to the Bowery, it rained like crazy as well. Instead of cursing and being mad, I enjoyed the rain to the fullest, took my shoes of, and jumped into all the puddles - I never felt happier and more grounded.

I recalled those feelings. 
Fuck it. 
I am soaked all over, I was brave enough to leave the house and these are my last 3 hours in New York...let's live this moment. 

I walked the longer way back to my place and I made sure to jump into all the puddles that passed my way. I was amazed how deep these puddles were! The streets were full with water and I never saw so much rain coming from above! This was insane.
I saw some more people hiding, running, or kids who just wanted to have as much fun as me...with their poor parents running after them. 

Back in my hotel, I firstly took a hot shower, enjoyed my breakfast, and sat infront of the window to watch the nasty rain from a safe place. It intrigued me...deep inside I felt good vibes. This day was not a loss...I actually enjoyed it.

I got ready for my Uber, packed every last bit and went downstairs where I was surprised again. 
All of a sudden the rain stopped and New York looked just as if nothing had happened before. How? 
I looked Uber driver wasn't there, so I was actually lucky to enjoy my NYC spring one last time by myself...walking. Perfect. 

The sky suddenly turned blue...the grey and heavy clouds went away and I started walking up north. At Washington Square Park, I admired spring's pastel colors one more time and I soaked in all the sunrays which were shining on me. I watched the squirrels play and actually I was not ready to leave the city...ughh. Those feelings...

New York - no matter what you do. No matter how hot, warm, wet, or cold you are - I will always admire you! 

What a nice way to end my trip. 
I am more than happy to always experience those surprises. What's coming next?